October 2021 Release Notes




  • New Edit Clients permission in User Groups which can be set to allow users in that group to update the Partner and Manager for a Client from the Client - Summary tab. Refer to Managing User Groups.

  • New feature to allow the Partner and Manager for a Client to be updated from the Client - Summary tab. For practices integrated with Xero Practice Manager, this will sync the change to Xero Practice Manager. Refer to Client Summary. This feature is available to FYI Admins or a user in a User Group that has Permissions enabled for Edit Clients. Refer to Managing User Groups.

  • Inclusion of a new Stop Step in Automation Processes. This can be used to stop a process that is running using a filter or a view and where the underlying selector has changed so that the trigger is no longer applicable. This could be where a change has been made manually, for example, to a status, while the process is running. Refer to Automation Process Steps.

  • Addition of a new indicator for Primary Clients. You can include the column Primary Client in the Clients list to see which client within a Group has been marked as the primary client. For the clients that belong to a Group, from the Client list you can click the indicator in the Primary Client column to mark one client in a Group as the Primary. The Primary Client can be used as a filter, for example, for an Automation that uses a saved view to send out a bulk email and you want to ensure this only goes to the primary clients. Refer to Using the Clients Lists.

    • The Primary Client setting is only available for a client that belongs to a group.
    • Only one client within the Group can be marked as the Primary Client.
    • The Primary Client indicator for a client that is not part of a Group shows as blank in the Client list.
    • You can also set the Primary Client when displaying the Group. from the Clients tab. Refer to Displaying Information for Client Groups.


  • In the Practice Activity, clicking on an entry displays the drawer with a summary of the activity. This is useful to see the details of any activities that have failed. Refer to Practice Activity.

  • When syncing myprosperity, this is now run using a saved view in the Clients list. This would usually be used to sync only those clients with unique email addresses. A saved view needs to be set up, for example, by setting the filter for Primary Clients, or can be set up using a Custom Field. The myprosperity sync is then run only for clients included in the selected view. Refer to Integration with myprosperity.
  • In the Filter Drawer, the selection for Applied Filters now also includes the Categories so these can be selected either from the Applied Filters or from the Category Explorer. If the Applied Filters section is closed, this remains closed when a selection is made from the Category Explorer.

  • In the Clients list, the Mobile phone number can now be included as a column. Clicking the Mobile number link creates a phone call record within FYI and automatically adds the client and the phone number that you clicked to the Create Phone drawer. 


  • When the Filter Drawer is displayed, the Templates view now correctly displays and includes the View selector.
  • When sending a document for signing via Adobe Sign, Annature or FuseSign and you add the same email address (for example, for two recipients with the same email but different phone numbers in contacts) this now gives the message ‘Cannot have multiple recipients with the same email address’.



  • New Edit Jobs permission in User Groups which can be set to allow users in that group to update the Partner and Manager for a Job from the Job - Summary tab. Refer to Managing User Groups. This setting also controls users who can update the Partner and Manager in the Jobs Bulk Update (refer to Jobs Bulk Update).

  • New feature to allow the Partner and Manager for a Job to be updated from the Job - Summary tab. For practices integrated with Xero Practice Manager, this will sync the change to Xero Practice Manager. Refer to Job Summary. This feature is available to FYI Admins or a user in a User Group that has Permissions enabled for Edit Jobs. Refer to Managing User Groups.


  • The Filter Drawer, in the Documents list, Client - Documents and Client - Collaborate tabs, has been enhanced. Filters can now be applied not only to the Cabinet and Categories, but also to any of the columns that are available in the list that can have a filter applied. This can be used as an alternative to, or in combination with, selecting filters from the column headings in a list.

    When selections are made from the Filter Drawer, the document lists and the filters in the columns are updated automatically as you make your selections.


    If you leave the Filter Drawer open and move to a different page, returning to the Documents list or to the Client - Documents or Collaborate tab will redisplay the Filter Drawer as expanded. Or if you close the Filter Drawer and leave the page, it will be closed when you redisplay these.

  • In the Summary tab in Client and Job workspaces and in the Job drawer, the Open in XPM icon is now renamed Open in PM.

  • For GreatSoft sites:


  • Adding users in GreatSoft are now consistently added to FYI with the default user group of "Standard User".
  • In the Admin - Users list, when exporting the list, the Partner is now correctly included in the exported file and the Custom Field permissions in the list is now only shown once.
  • In the Onboarding Wizard, correction to links to help articles.
  • In Practice Activity, when changes are made to the Email AutoFile Settings, the selection of On or Off is now shown correctly.
  • When an email that was sent to more than one recipient, one of which was an email address in the Email AutoFile Exclusion list, the email is no longer threaded against the excluded email address and it remains in their Outlook as “Not Filed” state.
  • Clients and Jobs lists now show the heading Group, not Client Group to be consistent with other areas.



  • Addition of the Support Request icon in the FYI Drawer, and on relevant screens, and the Support Request option from the Help icon (the question mark in the top right-hand corner of the FYI menu). This opens a Support Request in the drawer and automatically adds a link to the relevant Document or Task, Client or Job workspace or to your Status page, or to the currently displayed list or screen. This gives FYI Support direct access to the area for which you are requesting support. Refer to Sending a Support Request.


  • When installing the FYI Desktop App, this no longer needs administrator rights to the computer to install. Refer to FYI Desktop App.

  • When filtering in a Documents list on Type, this now includes the option "Other" at the end of the filter. This filters documents on any other "unsupported" document types. Refer to Sorting and Filtering.
  • The FYI Migrate App now automatically generates a Migration Audit Report when the migration completes. Refer to Implementors: Migration Audit Report.

  • In the FYI Migrate Live Import, this now matches YYYY FY to the year (for example, 2020 FY will match to the Year category 2020). Refer to Implementors: Live Import.

  • The release of Bulk Export via Amazon Web Services (AWS) now allows for an Incremental export, and now also exports Web Links, Phone Calls, File Notes and Meetings. Refer to Bulk Export.


  • In the Process History Checklist, when clicking on an entry to display the drawer, the colour no longer changes to grey and stays as the relevant colour for the entry's status.
  • Clicking "Stop" to stop an automation process that has a blocking type task step or Delay Process step now successfully stops the process.
  • Standard users who have been given access to a Client that has Client Security set are now able to correctly file documents to that Client from the document drawer.
  • In Practice Activity, corrections to the Save View and the Add/Remove Columns pop-ups.
  • In FYI Migrate from MYOB, for File Notes all document types of ‘MYOB File Note’ are now migrated.
  • Documents that are added to a Knowledge Base Cabinet no longer display the Status of Draft or Active which was not relevant for documents in a Knowledge Base Cabinet.



  • In the Clients list and Client - Summary, the Email is now a hyperlink. Clicking the link opens the Create Email drawer with the client and email address added directly. Refer to Using the Clients Lists and Client Summary. Please note that this feature is not currently available for Client Contacts and the email address for the Contacts are not clickable.

  • In the Clients list, Client - Summary the Phone number is now a hyperlink. You can click the Phone number or Mobile number link to create a phone call record within FYI. This automatically adds the client and the phone number that you clicked to the Create Phone drawer. Refer to Using the Clients Lists and Client Summary.

  • Release of Practice Activity. Practice Activity is a summary of any updates to and from Xero Practice Manager and other app integrations. Practice Activity is accessed from the Practice menu option. It is available only to FYI Admins. Refer to Practice Activity.


  • The Practice Settings - Admin - Users list now includes the column Partner to display the Partner selected for each user. Refer to Managing Users.

  • When using Bulk Update for Jobs, this now only allows one of Partner or Manager or State to be updated at the same time. This is in order to alleviate sync issues. Refer to Jobs Bulk Update.


  • In the FYI Migrate App, files that are equal or greater to 2GB are be skipped and counted as excluded files. Files that are locked for editing are recorded as Skipped, not as errors.
  • When a practice has more than 1000 Templates, these can now be successfully selected in the Create drawer.
  • Correction to an error when a user is deleted who is still assigned to or delegator in any Tasks.
  • Correction to issue when a user does not have a default email signature assigned and there is no default email signature set up for the Practice.
  • Correction to issue where the FYI Desktop App dialog box displayed in the middle of the screen when opened in certain ways.
  • Attachments received in Outlook from an email address that is not a client and if filed from the FYI Drawer in Outlook, now saves attachments correctly.


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