Why is a new or edited Job Custom Field in Xero Practice Manager not showing straight away in FYI?


I have set up a Job Custom Field in Xero Practice Manager but it is not showing in FYI. I have tried to the manual Sync and the Sync from PM in the Job - Custom Fields tab, but it is not available to select as a filter in FYI.


New or edited Custom Field definitions (for Clients and Jobs) are NOT available on the day they are created or edited. The Job Custom Field definitions are only synced from Xero Practice Manager to FYI during the automatic overnight synchronisation.

The Sync from PM button in the Job - Custom Fields tab will sync any changes to the values selected for a Custom Field, but will not sync changes to the Custom Fields themselves.


If you want to use a Custom Field in a View or in an Automation, add or edit this the day before so it is available for selection in Views and Automations.

Note: An FYI Admin can add a Job Custom Field in FYI which will be available in FYI straight away. Refer to Managing Custom Fields.

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