When sharing the Share Folder and the Upload Folder with a client, why are the hyperlinks in the email blank or not working?

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When sharing the Shared Folder and the Upload folder with a client, in the email that is created, if it looks like the hyperlinks (Click Here) to the Share Folder and the Upload Folder are not working, check the following.

Hovering over the Link does not display the Destination

If this is when you have the Draft email open and you are hovering over the links, the links do not currently show the destination of the link. When the email is sent, the emails the links will work even though the hover was not showing the destination.

You can check the email using Preview (refer to Previewing the Draft in FYI Email in Creating an Email in FYI). In Preview, when hovering over the link, this displays the destination at the bottom of the screen.

"Click Here" Links are Blank when the Client Receives the Email

If the email that is sent to the client shows "Click Here", but this is not a hyperlink and cannot be clicked, this could indicate that the client had not yet been added to Collaborate when you used a Template that sends an email to that client with links to the Share Folder and/or Upload Folder. If the client was added to Collaborate after the email was manually created or created using an Automation, the email that was generated would not contain valid links.

Always add a client to Collaborate before attempting to send an email to the client containing Share Folder and/or Upload Folder links.

Client has been added to Collaboration but links do not work

If the above reasons are not the cause for the link not working when the email is sent, please contact the FYI Support Team

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