Client Processes and Process History

The Client - Processes and Client - Process History tabs relate to Automations for the client.

Client Processes

The Processes tab displays any Automation and Custom Processes that have been set up for your practice that are scheduled to run manually and can be run for a selected client. The Client - Processes tab includes only those Processes that filter on Clients or on a Client View.

If you need to run one of these for the selected client you can do so by clicking the Run button from the Processes tab. Refer to Running Custom Processes.


For details on running the Client Ledger Reports AutoFile for a client, refer to Running the Client Ledger Reports AutoFile (Australia and UK).

Client Process History

The Process History tab is an automatic log of any Automations or Custom Processes that have run for the client. This shows the Status as "Success", "Progress" or "Error" with the following icons:



Client Process History Checklist

In the Process History list, to see further details of any of the Processes, click an entry to open the Process History Checklist for that process. Refer to Client Process History Checklist.


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