FYI Learn

Learn is our comprehensive eLearning program delivered in-app and available to all FYI users.  

It includes everything you need to know when getting started as a new user or FYI Admin.  

  • Get up to speed with FYI with minimal time and effort
  • Complete each course at your own pace – and revisit anytime 
  • Keep track of your progress.

The Learn courses are recommended for: 

  • All users in onboarding practices – to be completed before your official ‘Go Live’ date so that you are fully prepared for ‘Day 1’. 
  • New employees joining FYI practices. 


Accessing Learn

You can access Learn from within FYI.

Click the Help icon in the top right-hand corner and select Learn.


Your Learn welcome page displays sections for new users and FYI admins.


Open the relevant section to display the eLearning courses available for you to commence. The following example shows the courses in the Learn for New Users section.


Click the Open Course icon to display the eLearning course.


The Course will open in a new tab.


Click Start Course to commence the course. Your lessons will display on the left-hand side.


Tips for the Best FYI Learn Experience


Once you have completed the course, click the Course Complete button. The button will display in the final What's Next lesson.


The FYI Learn page will display once again and the status of your course will be updated to Completed.

The status of each course in Learn will display as:

Not Started. You have not commenced the course.

In Progress. You have opened and commenced the course.

Completed. You have completed the course and your user profile will be updated.

Note: You can return to the courses at any time.

Reviewing Users' Completion of Learn Courses

FYI Admins have the ability to view the progress of FYI Learn course completion for their users. From FYI, click Settings in the top right-hand corner.

Select Practice settings from the drop-down, then select General.


Go to the User tab. A list of "All Users" displays.

The Users list displays as follows.


Select Learn Dashboard or Admin Learn Dashboard from the View drop-down to display the Learn courses and the status of completion for each user. For any courses not displayed, you can add these from the columns and save the view.

The following is an example of the Learn Dashboard which displays the courses for new users. By default, this displays the three mandatory courses (Before you Begin, Learning the Essentials and Building your Foundations).


The following is an example of the Admin Learn Dashboard which displays the courses for FYI Admins.


In the list, the status of each course will display as:

Not Started. The user has not commenced the course.

In Progress. The user has opened and commenced the course.

Completed. The user has completed the course.

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