Managing Custom Fields

The Practice Settings Custom Fields function allows an FYI Admin to add and change the Client Custom Field and Job Custom Field definitions within FYI.

These can only be maintained in FYI by an FYI Admin who can add, edit or remove Custom Fields.

Notes on Practice Management Software

FYI as Practice Manager Source 3345_Elite_plan_Swish.png

The following Custom Fields can only be managed in FYI by practices on the Elite plan with FYI set as the Practice Manager source. Refer to Practice Management Sync.

  • Time and Disbursements
  • Employee
  • Invoice

These Custom Fields are not available when using FYI integrated with any other practice management software.

Xero Practice Manager

  • Changes made to the Client or Job Custom Field definitions in FYI will sync to Xero Practice Manager within 15 minutes.
  • Any changes made in Xero Practice Manager to the Custom Fields values for a Client or Job, or to the definitions, will automatically sync to FYI overnight or during a manual synchronisation
  • When a custom field is created in XPM, all updates/edits to this field need to be done from Xero Practice Manager, for example, adding additional values. Updating the custom fields in FYI will revert the changes during the next sync.
  • The Sync from PM can still be used to sync the values for Custom Fields selected for the specific Client or specific Job from Xero Practice Manager to FYI. The Sync from PM does not sync any changes to the Custom Field definitions. Refer to Client Custom Fields and Job Custom Fields
  • When manually synchronising Job Custom Fields, at least one standard job field must be updated to synchronise Custom Fields, otherwise you will need to wait for the overnight synchronisation.
  • If you prefer that changes to Client and Job Custom Fields are only made in Xero Practice Manager, ensure that no users are given the Edit Custom Fields permission.
  • If you have any third-party apps updating Custom Fields within Xero Practice Manager, these are not synced to FYI automatically and they would need to be manually updated (refer to Sync from PM in Client Custom Fields and Job Custom Fields.

The automatic sync of Custom Fields can be disabled by setting the Sync Custom Fields From XPM option to "Off".  Refer to Resetting your connection between FYI and Xero Practice Manager.

GreatSoft and Third-Party apps

  • Client and Job UDFs in GreatSoft are synced to FYI as a Custom Field definition. These are displayed in the Practice Settings Custom Fields.
  • Maintaining or adding Custom Fields in FYI will not synchronise with GreatSoft.
  • If you have any third-party apps updating Custom Fields within Xero Practice Manager, these are not synced to FYI automatically and they would need to be manually updated (refer to Sync from PM in Client Custom Fields and Job Custom Fields).

Editing Custom Field Values or Selections (in Client or Job Workspace)

An FYI Admin, or a user in a User Group with Permissions enabled for Edit Custom Fields, can edit the value or selection for a Client or Job Custom Field from the Client - Custom Fields tab or the Job - Custom Field tab.

For details refer to Client Custom Fields and Job Custom Fields.

If you prefer that changes to Client and Job Custom Fields are only made in Xero Practice Manager, ensure that no users are given the Edit Custom Fields permission.

Note: Client and Job Custom Fields are not linked. If you wish to filter on a custom field value in a Client List that field must be available in the Client List. This is the same for Job Lists where the column must be available as a Job Custom Field. 

Displaying the Custom Field Definitions

  1. Log in to FYI as an FYI Admin.
  2. From FYI, click Settings in the top right-hand corner.
  3. Select Practice settings from the drop-down, then select General.
  4. Click on the Custom Fields tab.

A list of the Custom Field definitions displays. Custom Fields are displayed alphabetically.

You can use the Search field to search in the Custom Fields.

The Custom Fields list displays as follows.


Adding a new Custom Field Definition

  1. From the Custom Fields list, click Add.
  2. Enter the Custom Field Name.
  3. Checkmark whether the Custom Field is Applied to Clients and/or Jobs.
  4. Select the Type. This determines how the value can be entered or selected when a user enters it for the Client or Job.

    When the Type is selected as "Drop-down", you also need to enter the options that will be available for that Custom Field as in the following example.


  5. Click Save.

Custom Field Types

Type Details Example
Checkbox Creates a True/False toggle. 


Date Used to track the calendar date of an event. The date can be either manually entered or selected from the displayed calendar. 3154_Custom_Fields_Example_Date.png
Decimal A number with decimals. 3156_Custom_Fields_Example_Decimal.png
Email Used to enter an email address. 3158_Custom_Fields_Example_Email.png
Drop-down Creates a list to select a value from. 3157_Custom_Fields_Example_Dropdown.png
Number A whole number (no decimal). 3155_Custom_Fields_Example_Number.png
Text A free text field for capturing relevant information. Text will become a clickable link if a URL is entered into the field in a supported format. Refer to Creating Web Links below. 3160_Custom_Fields_Examples_Text.png
URL Website address 3161_Custom_Fields_Examples_URL.png
User Displays a list of active Internal Users to select from. 3159_Custom_FIelds_Example_User.png

Changing a Custom Field Definition

Click on a Custom Field in the list. You can make changes to the Name or to what it Applies to.

You cannot change the Type. If a Custom Field has been set up with the incorrect Type it would need to be removed and added as a new Custom Field. You can include the Custom Field column in the Clients and Jobs list to check if it has already been used for a Client of Job.

You can add or delete Options for a Drop-down type Custom Field. If you delete an option in a Drop-down type Custom Field, this will not remove it from any Clients or Jobs it has already been selected in but it will not be available to be selected in any others.

Deleting a Custom Field Definition

Select the Custom Field in the list and click Delete and confirm.

  • If the Custom Field has been used, it will be removed from any relevant Clients or Jobs. The deletion is synced to Xero Practice Manager.

  • If the Custom Field is used in any Automation Processes, a notification will display confirming the custom field cannot be deleted. The custom field will need to be removed from the Automation Process before it can be deleted.

Using Custom Fields as a Merge Field

To use Merge Fields to insert Custom Fields into your documents, refer to the following articles:

Custom User Roles

As well as the Custom Field Types available in your practice management software, there is an additional type of user which is used to add Custom Fields in FYI that are Custom User Roles for Clients and/or Jobs.

This allows a value for a Custom Field to be selected as one of the active users in FYI user so that customised user roles can be set up. A Custom User Role can be used to record the user assigned to additional categories such as Accountant, Bookkeeper, Team Coordinator, Supervisor, etc.

Custom User Roles can only be added and maintained in FYI.

When the Type is selected as "User", the Custom Field is added in the same way as other types.

Note: When adding a Custom Field with the Type of "User" in FYI, this is synced to Xero Practice Manager with the Type set as "Text".

Custom User Roles can then be used in the same way as Partner and Manager in Client and Job lists to sort and filter. They can also be selected in Automations when creating a Task as the Assignee and in the Workflow as the Owner or Approver.

If the Custom User Role is enabled for both Clients and Jobs, when creating a job using the + Create button, the job will automatically inherit the Custom User Roles selected for the client.

Refer to Custom User Roles.

Note: Unlike other Custom Fields, the Sync from PM function on the Client - Custom Fields or Job - Custom Fields tabs will not update any changes if these are made to a Custom User Role in Xero Practice Manager.

Creating Web Links

To display a clickable link on the Client or Job Custom Field tabs, you will need to create a Custom Field with a Type of URL or Text


When entering a website address into a Text Custom Field on the Client or Job Custom Fields, the link must be entered using one of the following formats:


You cannot combine multiple links, or text with a link, otherwise the field will not be clickable. For example, entering " and" will not become clickable.

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