Why is the FYI Drawer displaying incorrect client and filing defaults?


When filing an email, it is being filed to the wrong client and filing defaults.


This is being caused due to the details of an email being cached when the following steps are taken

  1. You are signed out of the FYI Add-in.
  2. You click on an email and the FYI drawer is still not signed in, but it caches the details of the selected email.
  3. You delete that email.
  4. You then select an email that you want to file in FYI by clicking on the email and signing into the FYI Add-in.
  5. The Add-in thinks it is looking still at the deleted email and displays the client and any filing defaults that are relevant to that email.

Our engineers are working on a fix for this issue.


Sign into the FYI Add-in on the first email for the day.

If you notice that the issue has occurred, click on a different email and then back to the first email.
Right-click on the FYI Add-in and refresh (press F5) to refresh the cache.


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