FYI Desktop App FAQs

What is the main difference between using the FYI Desktop App and editing a document via OneDrive?

The main difference between using the FYI Desktop App and editing a document via OneDrive is that the FYI Desktop App bypasses OneDrive. When documents are opened for editing via the FYI Desktop App, a temporary copy of the document is opened in a dedicated local folder and not in your OneDrive. The document will therefore not show in the FYI - Processed folder in your OneDrive after you have clicked I am finished editing.

Note: The FYI Desktop App sits in a user's taskbar and does not open a new browser or window when used. While a "Downloading document..." pop-up may appear, the App simply opens the document for editing. 

What happens to files if I don't click "Finished Editing"?

Files are automatically marked as "Finished Editing" after two weeks of inactivity.

Is this application included in the penetration testing schedule?

Yes, the FYI Desktop App is included in the FYI penetration testing.

The app has been designed to be compliant with all FYI security protocols including the files that are transported being encrypted using each practice's encryption keys in transit and at rest.

Will the cached files automatically expire and be removed if the computer is offline for any extended period of time?

Currently, the files will not automatically expire, however, we will consider this in the future.

  • An FYI Admin can manually stop editing files on behalf of users within the FYI app itself, which will delete the files remotely. Refer to FYI Admin Check in of Locked Documents.

  • Another option is to have the local cache folder for the users within their OneDrive folders which will provide the same overseeing you have today.

Does FYI Desktop App work in work in a terminal server environment?

Yes, FYI Desktop App will work in a terminal server environment. But the app needs to be downloaded and installed on each computer on which it will be used.

Can I use the FYI Desktop App on multiple devices for the same user?

If logging into FYI on multiple machines, for example, if working from home as well as the office, you can log into the FYI Desktop App on multiple devices using the same user account. This will allow you to have access to the same documents in both locations.

When using the FYI Desktop App on multiple devices:

  • Users should log out of the Desktop App when finished with the workstation. This will avoid conflicts when logged into multiple machines, or before a different user logs into FYI on the workstation.
  • You must ensure you have configured the settings on both devices to use the same OneDrive folder.
  • Ensure that all documents are checked in back into FYI prior to changing workstations. This can be done by clicking "I am finished editing" in FYI.

Refer to FYI Desktop App for instructions on how to select the OneDrive folder.

Can I change the Document File Path where documents are downloaded to?

The Documents Path is where the documents will be stored temporarily when they are opened in FYI Desktop.

FYI recommends using the FYI Desktop folder in combination with OneDrive to enable Autosave when editing Office Documents. When OneDrive is installed, the Document Path defaults to the folder FYI Desktop within your "OneDrive\Documents". If OneDrive is not installed locally, the file path defaults to C:\Users\yourname\Documents\FYI Desktop. You can leave this as set or change it if required.

To change the file path:

  1. Locate the FYI Desktop icon in the windows System Tray.
  2. Right-click on the icon, and select Settings.

  3. In the Settings section, click the Browse button.

    1608 FYI Desktop Install Settings.gif

  4. Navigate to the new location and click Select Folder.

  5. Click Save to save the changes.
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