Alter Document Name Received from Signing Service

The following is an example of a Custom Process to add the text "Signed" to the front of the name of a document that has returned from a signing service as the client signed.

Watch the tutorial and follow the steps below to get started with automatically renaming documents received from your preferred signing service.

Create a Documents List View that will Trigger the Process

This process needs a view to be created. This will be used to trigger the Custom Process.

For detailed information on these steps refer to:

To create the Documents List View:

  1. Display the documents list and select the "All" view.
  2. Include the columns Source and Workflow in the view.
  3. In the Source column, apply a Filter to select only the relevant signing service (for example, "Annature").

    Note: For FuseSign, the source is currently showing as FYI. This will be changed to FuseSign.

  4. In the Workflow column, add a filter "Client Signed".

    Note: Depending on the signing service, the Workflow of "Client Signed" may also be applied to documents as well as the signed document itself. Refer to Summary of what happens when document(s) are Sent for Signing.

  5. ​Ensure the view only shows Client Signed documents for the relevant signing service.

  6. Save the view. for this example as Client Signed 'Service name'. Untick the Available For - Lists option to save the view as "Automations only".


Add the Custom Process

The following is an example of the Custom Process.


  1. The Name of the Process has been set as "Add "Signed - " to front of Signed documents for 'Service name'". This name is included in the Notification in FYI and, depending on the user's settings, in the email notification that is sent.
  2. If required, add any additional description of the Process in the Description.
  3. The Trigger in the Process is set as "Schedule".
  4. The Schedule has been set, for example, as "Every hour" to run the process every hour and the Start Date has been set.

  5. No documents are created for this process so Inherit Job is uncheckmarked.
  6. Set the Filter to "Document - view" and select the view you created above. In the example, this was "Client Signed 'Service name'".
  7. Ensure that Run Only Once Per Document is ticked in the Filter.
    This ensures that the document is only updated the first time.


  8. Set the Owner of the Process.
  9. Ensure the Start From date is correct

Add the Step to Alter the Document Name

Add an Alter Document step to the Process.


  1. For the Document, this is automatically set as "Trigger Document".
  2. Update the Name field to add "Signed - " in front of Merge Field {{ OriginalFileName }}. This will put the text "Signed - " in front of the original file name.
  3. Ensure that AutoFile is Enabled to keep the same filing details as the original document.
  4. Add any Tasks or Comments if required.
  5. Click Save.

Set the Status of the Process to "Active"

When you are ready, set the Status of the process to "Active".

Testing and Running the Process

When setting up a Custom Process, it is very important to test it to ensure it is working as expected. Refer to Testing Custom Processes.


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