July and August 2021: What's New and Improved



Some great new features have been released over the last few months, as we rolled out the promised enhancements to email filing, and more.  

Our Product Update in August show-cased some of what’s coming for the rest of 2021. Our focus is on making the platform even more robust and boosting your productivity. In case you missed it, you can watch the webinar here. A couple of the features we called out in the Update have already been released and are outlined below. 

Here are a few of the new things you can do in FYI: 

  • Online PDF documents can now be filed directly from Chrome or Microsoft Edge browsers to FYI using the FYI Browser Extension. Super handy for filing Xero Tax Returns! Refer to FYI Browser Extension and Filing PDF Documents using the FYI Browser Extension. 

  • In Outlook or Office, a Comments icon now displays in the tools at the top of the FYI Drawer. This applies to filed emails and documents, and associated Tasks.  The Comments icon can be used to both add and display Comments from Outlook or Office. The icon turns green when a comment is added and displays the total number of comments. Refer to Adding and Displaying Comments from Outlook or Office in Adding Comments and Notifying Team Members. 
  • Additional options are now available when filing attachments in the FYI Drawer from Outlook or the FYI In Tray. Refer to Filing Email Attachments. 
      • All or selected attachments can be filed using the same filing details as the email, by check marking the setting File all attachments or File selected attachments when the email is filed. 
      • All or selected attachments can be filed using different filing details to the email. In the Attachments section clicking File All allows you to select the filing details to apply to all the attachments. By selecting one or more attachments, clicking File Selected allows you to select the filing details to apply to the selected attachments. 
      • A Back button (<-) in the drawer of the attachment will return to the underlying email. 

Other recent highlights include: 


  • Attachment names can now be changed directly in the Attachments section in the drawer in FYI or Outlook. An edit icon (the pencil) displays next to the attachment name. Refer to Filing Email Attachments. 
  • When creating emails and sending attachments via OneDrive, files greater than 15MB can now be sent. 

  • The Body Merge Field can be added to Email Signatures as a placeholder for a template and to set styling, such as fonts when no template is used. Refer to Including Merge Fields in Email Templates and Signatures. 

Search and Retrieval 

  • Documents can now be displayed based on the Partner a user works with. The new function, Show documents of Clients for My Partner, can be used in all document lists including Home - My Recent and My Edits. This is set from the User Profile in Practice Settings. Refer toDisplaying Documents of Clients for My Partner in Using the Documents Lists and Managing Users. 

  • The column Owner in the Documents List can now be filtered to show documents with no owner by setting "Unassigned only" as "On". Refer to Sorting and Filtering. 


  • You are now able to filter by “Unassigned only” in the Assignee column and Created by columns in the Task List. 


  • When using a Document View as a filter, you now have the option to Inherit Job. Enabling this means that the Partner and Manager will be taken from the Job selected for the document rather than the Client Partner and Manager. This applies to the Sender of an email, the Workflow Owner or Approver and the Task Assignee. Refer to Custom Processes using Views and Summary Notifications. 

Practice Settings 

  • The Partner a User primarily works with can be assigned from the User Profile in Practice Settings. When the Partner is assigned, users can use the Show documents of Clients for My Partner function in document lists to display client documents and emails for that Partner’s client list. Refer to Managing Users. 

  • FYI Admins can now separate Cabinet and Permission User Groups by setting the TypeThis can be useful when setting generic Cabinet access for the practice, but segmenting Permissions based on roles. To set up both the Cabinets and the Permissions in the same User Group, the Type is set as "All". Refer to Managing User Groups. 

For further details on the features mentioned above, refer to July 2021 Release Notes and August 2021 Release Notes.  


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