Connecting FYI to Xero Tax for GreatSoft Practices

Step 1 - Connect to Xero Practice Manager

  1. In FYI, click the Automation menu option.
  2. Go to the Apps tab.


  3. On Xero Practice Manager, click the cog icon to edit it.

  4. Click Connect.
    You are redirected to Xero Practice Manager to provide authorisation and then redirected back to FYI.

When you have connected to Xero Practice Manager, the Xero Tax App will be included in the Automation - Apps tab and four additional Xero Tax Processes will be included in the Automation - Processes tab.

Step 2 - Enable the Xero Tax App

  1. Go to the Automation - Apps tab.
  2. On Xero Tax click the cog icon to edit it.

  3. In the Xero Tax Settings, click the Import tax assessments switch to set this "On".


  4. Enable the Consider notices of assessment complete without payable date toggle to trigger tax automation processes when a Notice of Assessment contains both a Date of Issue and the amount payable/refundable (regardless of whether the payable date field has been completed or not).

Step 3 - Activate the Xero Tax Return and Tax Assessments Processes

  1. Go to the Automation - Processes tab.
  2. Click the cog icon on each to edit the following processes
  3. Set the Status of each to "Active".
  4. Review the settings and steps in the processes and make any changes if needed.

Step 4 - Select your Preferred Practice Management Sync Source

You will need to select GreatSoft as your preferred Practice Management Sync Source so that FYI can synchronise your data.

  1. In FYI, click the Automation menu option

  2. Click the Apps tab

  3. Locate the Practice Management Sync app tile and click the Settings cog icon

  4. In the Practice Manager drop-down, select GreatSoft

  5. Click Save

Step 5 - Run a Sync for the Tax Returns

  1. Go to the Automation - Apps tab.

  2. Locate Xero Practice Manager and click the cog icon.

  3. Click on Sync. For GreatSoft practices, this only shows the Sync Tax Returns button.

  4. Click on the Sync Tax Return button to manually sync from Xero Tax.

Once completed, the integration will automatically sync each night.

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