Optimising your Practice Data

In order to maximise some of the key features in FYI, some simple house-keeping of your practice data is recommended:

  • Ensure the Clients and Contacts data is up-to-date in your practice management software.

  • Add client addresses so they populate in merge fields for letters and forms.

  • Add client's email address and any additional emails addresses as contacts (and ensure these are legitimate contacts) to ensure you can take advantage of email autofiling. This also means that when creating emails in FYI, you can easily select which email address to send to without having to manually type this in.

  • Check that your clients are in the correct client group, or that you have client groups set up so you can harness the power of viewing documents, jobs, etc at a group level.

  • Ensure that the company’s Australian Company Numbers (ACN) are added to client information so that integrations with corporate compliance software is seamless.

Xero Practice Manager integrations

  • Custom fields and the Structure field under Tax and Company are key to segmenting your client database and are very powerful for creating custom process automations for client communications.

  • Add the Salutation and Addressee to Contacts so these can be used as merge fields in your practice letterhead. Salutation can also be used as a merge field in email templates.
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