Setting up your Practice Letterhead and Email Signature

When onboarding FYI, our team will set up both your practice letterhead and default practice email signature in FYI for you.

Simply send your practice letterhead (in a Word document) and your practice email signature (preferably in HTML format) to your Onboarding Consultant.

These will be available for testing and will require your approval before you Go Live.

Note:  If you currently use a third-party email signature software, such as CodeTwo or Exclaimer, your Onboarding Consultant will liaise with you if an FYI default signature is necessary.

Setting up your Practice Letterhead

Your letterhead is set up in FYI as Word Stationery. The appropriate Stationery is then selected when creating Word documents in FYI.

​It normally features your company branding and generic text such as your address, website and ABN. You can also use Merge Fields to incorporate information such as today’s date, addressee, address and the sign-off and sender details.

Example Stationery


If you want to include a Reference Number in all documents, adding it to your Stationery is usually easier than adding it to multiple templates.

You may want to set up more than one version of Stationery for your practice, for example:

  • Stationery for letters that are emailed
  • Stationery for letters that are printed on practice letterhead
  • Stationery for a team or division within a multi-disciplinary practice. For example, this might need to include licencing details or specific disclaimers.

Stationery is created as a new template in FYI or by dragging and dropping an existing Word document into the Knowledge - Templates list. 

Your Onboarding Consultant will discuss your stationery requirements during the Onboarding process.

To understand how to create additional stationery, watch the Creating Stationery video tutorial in Managing Templates and Stationery or refer to Creating Stationery for Word.

Setting up your Email Signature

Your Onboarding Team will ensure a Default Email Signature is created for your practice and automatically applied when an email is created in FYI. It can be accessed in your Practice Settings - Documents - Settings.

The default email signature once created, will be setup as your Default Email Practice Signature. This ensures you can test the signature before your Go Live Day. An FYI Admin can access this if any updates are required. Refer to Managing Practice Settings for Documents).

The Email Signature normally includes a sign-off, name, title and phone number of the email author, your company logo and any generic company information or disclaimers. You can also include a Unique Reference Number to make the email easy to identify in FYI. Certain merge fields such as Role and Qualifications can be also be set, and will merge the data from the Users profile in FYI.

Example Email Signature

You can also set up Individual Email Signatures for any users that require specific information to be shown in their emails.

Your Onboarding Consultant will discuss your email signature requirements during the Onboarding process.

To understand how to create additional signatures, watch the Creating Email Signatures video tutorial in Managing Templates and Stationery or refer to Creating Email Templates and Signatures.

Ensure that images used in a signature are less than 40kb to ensure they are not filed in FYI as an attachment.

Using an External Signature Service

If a practice wishes to use an external signature service instead of the default email signature in FYI, a default signature will still be required to be selected in FYI. 

Practices will need to create a blank signature and apply that as the practice default.

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