AutoArchive Client Documents

The AutoArchive Documents function enables you to perform housekeeping by regularly archiving documents.

Once Autoarchive has been enabled you can:

  • Automatically archives documents when a client is archived
  • Use Bulk Update to archive documents for active clients
  • Create an Automation to archive documents on a scheduled basis

Once a document is archived, it's removed from the general views, such as the "All" view, but can still be accessed by selecting the separate "Archived" view in document lists. The Bulk Update feature can be used to unarchive documents if required. 

The "Archived" view is available in the main Documents list and also in the Client - Documents tab.


Enabling AutoArchive of Client Documents

An FYI Admin can enable this from Practice Settings - Documents - Settings by check-marking AutoArchive Documents. Refer to Managing Practice Settings for Documents.

When the AutoArchive Documents setting is enabled:

  • Once the AutoArchive Documents setting is enabled, all documents for clients that already have a Status of "Archived" are automatically archived retrospectively.

  • When a client is archived in your practice management software, once the client has synced to FYI and the Status of the client is set as "Archived" in FYI, this will automatically archive all the documents for that client. Refer also to Archived Clients.

Important Note: The AutoArchive of documents runs overnight. After enabling the feature the archived documents will be in the Archived view in document lists from the following morning.

The documents are set with a filing Status of "Archived" and can be displayed in the Documents lists by selecting the "Archived" view.

The Activity section of the document will display an event when the State is changed to Archived by the "System".

Using Bulk Update to Archive Documents

When the AutoArchive Documents setting is enabled in your Practice Settings, you can archive documents using Bulk Update and the Bulk Update includes an additional Filing status of "Archived".

This allows you to archive documents for active clients and can be used, for example, to archive all documents for a specific Year category after the required retention period has passed. To do this, in the documents list,  filter on the relevant Year category, select all the documents and use Bulk Update to set the Filing status as "Archived". Refer also to Bulk Updating of Filing Details and Bulk Update.

Note: The maximum number of documents that the "Archived" Filing status can be applied to is still 10,000 in the same way as when using Bulk Update for any other filing details. If needed, apply additional filters so that fewer than 10,000 documents can be selected at one time.


The documents that have been set as Archived are removed from the "All" view in the documents list and can be accessed from the documents "Archived" view.

Creating an Automation

Documents can also be set to "Archived" using the Alter Document step in a Custom Process. For example, you could run a schedule to automatically archive documents after the retention period has passed.

Refer to Process Step Details - Alter Document.

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