Managing Views

An FYI Admin can use the Practice Settings - General - Views to manage Views, change the status, set where Views should be available, and delete Views.

Displaying the Views List

  1. Login to FYI as an FYI Admin.
  2. From FYI, click Settings in the top right-hand corner.
  3. Select Practice Settings and then select General.
  4. Go to the Views tab.

The Views list displays as follows.


Updating a View

Clicking on a View in the list displays the Update View drawer. This can be used to control the configuration of the view.

Note: To change columns and filters used in a view refer to Saving Changes to the View Layout, Modifying and Deleting Views.

  • The Name of the view can be modified by clicking the name and editing the field as required.
  • The Status field can be used to control whether a view is in Draft, Active, or Archived. Only Active views will be available to select from in Lists and Automations.
  • The Available For field is used to select where the View can be selected in FYI. For example, if a View is only required as a List and not for Automations, clicking the Automations option will uncheck that field and hide the View when creating a new Automation Process. This setting is not available for default system views.
  • The Activity section displays all updates made to the selected View, including who made the update, what the update was and when it was updated.

After making updates click the Save button to commit the changes. 

Please note users may be required to log out of FYI before they can view the changes, for example, when a View has been marked as Active.


Copy a View

Rather than create a new view each time, you can optionally copy an existing view. You can then open the view in a new tab (if marked as active), and make edits to the settings, for example, to add or remove filters. 

Click on a view in the list to select it. The Copy button will be displayed in the toolbar at the top of the list.


After clicking the button, a new View will be created with the name "Copy of (original view name)", for example, "Copy of Active Jobs". Click on the new view to manage the settings, or open the view in a new tab to update filters and columns.

Open a View

To open an Active view in a new tab, click the Open icon on the toolbar. For example, a Document view will open the Document list with the view selected.


Note: The Open button is not available for Views marked as Draft or Archived, or when multiple views have been selected. 

Deleting a View

To delete a user-created View, select it in the list and click Delete.


Please note:

  • You cannot delete the system or default views (you can rename the view or modify it to be used for another purpose).
  • You cannot delete a view used in a Process (refer to Custom Processes using Views and Summary Notifications). A message will display a list of the process(es) the view is used in.


Archiving a View

You can Archive a View. This will remove the View from users, but if it has been selected as a Filter in an Automation, it will still work as the Filter in the Process.

To Archive a View, select a View in the list and change the Status to "Archived".


You can also update the View by clicking the View in the list and clicking Archived.


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