Why is an Office file, that was imported via FYI - My Imports, being filed in FYI as a blank or partial document?

I created a document initially in Office (for example, an Excel spreadsheet) and I saved it to my FYI - My Imports folder directly from Excel.

I then filed the document in FYI from my In Tray.

The Excel file was still open and I continued to work on it and closed it after making all the changes.

When I look at the document that is filed in FYI, it is blank, or it does not have all the changes I made.

FYI imports the copy of the document from FYI - My Imports folder as soon as it is copied there. So  When you eventually close the original document, FYI cannot update it as the document has already been imported into FYI and it has gone straight to the FYI - Processed folder.

To avoid this from happening in the future, our recommended approach is that all documents are created from FYI and not initially directly from Excel.

If you are creating documents outside of FYI, you need to save the document locally and then close the document and import into FYI using Drag and Drop, Upload or via your FYI - My Imports folder (refer to Drag and Drop, Using Upload to Import a File and Using OneDrive FYI - My Imports to Automatically Import to your In Tray). Once the document has been imported into FYI, you can then edit from FYI and all changes will be saved.

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