Can we display the full TFN/IRD number for a client in FYI?

For practices integrated with Xero Practice Manager, when the TFN for Australian sites (or the IRD number for New Zealand sites) that is available from Xero Practice Manager flows through to FYI, this only shows the last three numbers.

The TFN/IRD number that flows through to FYI from Xero Practice Manager only shows the last three numbers due to security reasons imposed by Xero Practice Manager.

If you require this information in full, a solution would be to create a Client Custom Field in Xero Practice Manager for the TFN/IRD number. FYI will then be able to read the full number.

Important note: Xero Practice Manage hides the value for specific security reasons.
FYI does not recommend that you add the TFN/IRD number as a Custom Field,  However, if you chose to do this, FYI will be able to use this information.

Custom Fields display on the Client - Custom Fields tab (refer to Client Custom Fields).

Custom Fields can also be included as Merge Fields (refer to Merge Fields for Custom Fields in Including Merge Fields in Word Templates and Stationery and Custom Fields (XPM group) in Including Merge Fields in Email Templates and Signatures). Custom Fields can also be used in Automations.

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