Filing PDF Documents using the FYI Browser Extension

The FYI Browser Extension allows you to file a PDF document that you have opened in either the Chrome or Microsoft Edge browsers. 

Note: The FYI Browser is not compatible with Firefox, and you will not be able to log in using the Browser Extension.

Using the FYI Browser Extension

  • To install the FYI Browser Extension refer to the article FYI Browser Extension. Once installed, the FYI Browser Extension icon displays at the top of the browser.

  • You cannot file a PDF document in FYI where the document is within another application's preview tool.

Filing a PDF Document to FYI from the FYI Browser Extension

  1. Open the PDF in either Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.
  2. Click the FYI Browser Extension icon.

  3.  The Import drawer opens and the initial Filing Defaults are offered in the same way as in FYI.


    If the Import drawer with the filing options does not come up when you first open a PDF, reload the browser page (by pressing F5 or clicking the Reload icon).

    If you are not already logged in, you are prompted to log in with your Microsoft 365 login.
    When you are logged in, if the following confirmation displays that you are signed in to FYI, reload the browser page (by pressing F5 or clicking the Reload icon).


    Enter or Change the Filing Details in the Import Drawer

  4. Select the Client. This may change the Filing Defaults in the same way as in FYI.

  5. Enter the filing details for the PDF as required.

  6. The Name is set as default from the name of the PDF document, this can be changed if required.

  7. In the Advanced section, you can set additional options such as the Owner, Filing and Workflow status. If you set the Filing status as "Draft" the document will go to the owner's In Tray. You can set Remember Selection to keep the settings in the Advanced section for the next PDF you file.

  8. Click Create to file the PDF in FYI as a PDF document.


  9. When the file has been uploaded, a message displays. This includes a link that you can click to display the document in FYI.


If the Import Drawer does not display

If you have an issue where the Import drawer does not display when you have logged in, it is likely that you have the Adobe Acrobat Extension running. When the Adobe Acrobat Extension is running and Adobe Acrobat Extension has the PDF open, FYI cannot retrieve it with the FYI Browser Extension.

You need to disable the Adobe Acrobat Extension which will then allow the PDF to be filed with the FYI Browser Extension.

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