How do we use an external signature provider for our email signature within FYI?

If you are using an external signature provider, such as Exclaimer, CodeTwo, or WiseStamp, you no longer require FYI to manage signatures. When creating an email in FYI, the third-party email manager will apply the email signature when sending the email, according to how that application has been set up.

The following are the areas that should not need setup within FYI.

  • When creating Email templates, ensure none of these are set as Email Signatures (refer to Creating Email Templates and Signatures).
  • For your Practice Settings, ensure you do not have a signature selected for your practice and the Default Email SignatureĀ field is "No signature template selected" (refer to Practice Settings for Documents).
  • For the User profiles, ensure none of the users are set with a signature selected. All users should show the Signature field as "No signature template selected" (refer to Managing Users).
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