Suggested Work Practices to Optimise the Email AutoFile

The following are suggestions that can be made to your existing work practices to optimise the AutoFile in FYI.

Stay on top of Draft Filed Emails
It is important that users stay on top of emails that are Draft Filed. Users can file these from their In Trays or from the FYI Drawer in Outlook.

The recent improvements to the In Tray, and making sure your configuration settings optimise the use of auto-filing, will make working with Draft Filed emails and documents easier.

An FYI Admin can use the Draft Filed view in the Documents list to check the In Trays across all users to see any emails that are not getting filed. This can be used as a source for determining which users are not clearing their In Trays, if any changes are needed to Clients' or Users' Filing Defaults. 

The Draft Filed view is also a useful source for checking for any additional exclusions that need to be added for your practice and this can be used to create .csv file that can be imported into the Email AutoFile Exclusions.

Create emails in FYI
Creating and sending emails from FYI reduces the need to file emails as they are filed as part of creating them.

Stop Forwarding Client Emails Internally and use FYI Comments and Tasks
Forwarding client emails internally can cause issues with email threads. A better way to pass on any questions or comments is to use the FYI Comments feature. This keeps all Comments separate to the body of the email but still allows all notes and comments to be passed on internally. Tasks is another feature that can be used in FYI instead of forwarding emails. Refer to the section Tasks and Comments.

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