Tasks Bulk Update

You can use the Bulk Update to file multiple documents and emails at the same time.

  • For Tasks, you can use Bulk Update to update the Assignee, Cabinet, Due Date and/or the Status for the selected tasks.

Using Bulk Update of Tasks

  1. Select the tasks you want to update. At least one task must be selected in a list before the Bulk Update button is enabled.

    Click the checkboxes on the left-hand column of the list to select the tasks required. To select all that are currently displayed on that page, click the checkbox in the column heading. This is useful if, for example, you have set filters to first display only the Tasks that are relevant. Refer also to to Selecting Tasks in a List in Using the Tasks Lists.

    Note: If you have set filters in the list, you can use the Apply to option (see below) to bulk update all the Tasks that are currently filtered, without having to select them all with the checkboxes.

  2. Click Bulk Update in the tool bar. Or right-click and select Bulk Update from the tool bar pop-up menu (refer to Using the Document Action Tool Bar).

    The Bulk Update Drawer displays.


  3. Make the selections for the fields you want to apply to all the selected Tasks (refer to Using the Task Drawer).

  4. Apply to gives you the option of the number of selected documents, or the number of filtered documents (with a maximum of 10,000).

  5. Click Run.
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