Our Guide to Implementing FYI

Changing your document management system may seem like a difficult undertaking – but it doesn’t have to be.

Our simple assisted onboarding process makes it easy to transition to FYI. We will work with you to ensure your practice doesn’t miss a beat.

This Guide to Implementing FYI covers everything you need to know to get the power of FYI working for you.

It explains the four key phases in our process: Planning, Migration, Configuration and Training.

Our experienced onboarding team will help you migrate your data, configure FYI and train your people. With assistance provided at every turn, the process is easy.

Your Onboarding Guide

Click here to download the guide.


Your Onboarding Video

This video guides you through the four key phases for a successful onboarding and what you can expect start to finish of your journey with FYI.

Start by Booking a Discovery Meeting

Discovery Meeting is the first step in developing an onboarding plan for your practice. It allows us to learn about your practice and recommend an onboarding strategy to suit your unique requirements.

At this meeting, we’ll explain the onboarding process and discuss pricing options for assisted onboarding services.

Click here to book your Discovery Meeting.


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