Why are some mark ups to my PDF documents not showing when previewing in FYI?

I have some PDF documents that aren't previewing in FYI with the correct orientation. However when the document is exported, the pages are correct. It is only when previewed that the pages are displayed incorrectly.

This issue occurs when a scanned page from certain scanning software is inserted as an image into a PDF document and the scanned image's orientation properties were originally upside down or sideways.

When previewing the PDF in FYI or OneDrive, this displays the original properties of the scanned image and not the altered properties that were changed in the PDF document. When exported from FYI, the PDF displays with the correct properties.

To display the pages correctly, you can try the following:

  • When scanning the documents, scan the pages with the correct orientation.
  • Insert the pages in the PDF document, correct the orientation if needed and then convert the images to PDF. Use the print to PDF function of your PDF viewer to print it and save the document as PDF. This will ensure the PDF retains the properties you changed and preview correctly.
  • Use a  different scanning application when scanning.


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