June 2021 Release Notes




  • In the Client - Process History and Job - Process History, clicking on the Status of a process displays the Process History Checklist. This shows a summary of the steps in the process and shows the Status of each step. When clicking on an item, this opens the drawer to give you access to what the process created. You can also access any Tasks created by the process, for example, if you need to mark a blocking Task as "Completed" so that a process will finish. Refer to Process History Checklist in Client Process History Checklist. There is no change to the History tab in Automation.

  • When using Bulk Update to change the value in more than one Category, without selecting a specific Cabinet, the list of Categories displayed when using Add Category now excludes any you have already added. Refer to Bulk Update.


  • When creating an email in FYI with an attachment, the option of whether to send this as PDF or not can now be selected correctly.
  • In Automation Custom Processes, when adding a Step to create a Word document, Stationery can now be selected correctly from the drop-down.
  • In Automation Custom Processes, when adding or editing Steps, Merge Fields can now be added correctly to Name, Comments and Subject fields.
  • Correction to an error where selecting a date in the past for a Phone Call, File Note or Meeting was saving the current date instead of the date selected.
  • The Convert function for converting Word, Spreadsheet and Presentation documents to PDF is now working correctly.
  • When an email and any attached documents are autofiled using the Filing Defaults from the Practice Settings, this is now included in the Activity section of the email/document. This shows as "Filing assigned from practice".
  • Draft Emails created from an automation now correctly show the email content when using the Preview function from the Email Editor.
  • Draft Emails created from an automation now correctly show the email content when using the Preview function from the Email Editor.
  • Draft Filed emails and documents with no client assigned can now be previewed.
  • During Onboarding, the FYI Migration app now matches client names at level 3.
  • Exporting the Draft Filed view from Documents lists now shows the From and To email addresses correctly in the exported file.
  • A message is now displayed if you try to remove a Cabinet or Category that has been assigned in the Practice Filing Defaults.
  • When saving a View in the Documents, Jobs or Tasks tab in the Client workspace, the saved view now automatically selects the Client as a filter.



  • Notes and client events can be import for HandiSoft via a spreadsheet that is used to capture the information.

  • In User Groups, addition of the Edit Custom Fields Administer option. Users in a User Group with access to administer Edit Custom Fields will be able to change the values of Client and Job Custom Fields in Client and Job workspace. Refer to Managing User Groups.

  • In the Client - Custom Fields and Job - Custom Fields, you can Sync from PM button at the bottom of the Custom fields to sync the Client and Job Custom fields from your practice management software to FYI. Refer to Client Custom Fields and Job Custom Fields.


  • The Partner and Manager assigned to the client can now be included against the emails and documents in Documents lists. Refer to Using the Documents Lists.

  • When sending documents for signing with FuseSign or Annature, if the Client/Contact does not have a mobile number, the phone number will be used. Refer to Digital Signatures using FuseSign  and Digital Signatures using Annature.

  • In the Email Editor, Send Immediately is now set as the default send option at the top of the Editor.


  • For accounts that are integrated with GreatSoft, users can now request an immediate sync of clients or jobs using the Sync function on the Clients or Jobs list. Refer to Synchronising Clients, Users, Jobs and Tax Returns with GreatSoft and Running a Manual Sync with GreatSoft and Additional Notes on Syncing.
  • In an Automation Custom Process, when using the Update Job step to update a custom field, the custom field being updated now displays correctly in the step.
  • In Automation - History, any search criteria that has been entered is now retained after selecting a process to displaying its details.
  • When sharing a document via OneDrive, the relevant client must have an email address to be able to click the Create button.
  • When security is set on a client, a user without access to the client can no longer select it when creating a document.
  • Where Jobs are mandatory jobs for a cabinet, if the job is changed in one email in a thread the job is applied to the entire email thread.
  • The full set of Merge Fields, including Custom Fields and Tax Merge Fields, User and Client Merge Fields in a Signature are populated when an email is created as Draft in FYI.
  • When using the Move function to move an email or document to another user's In Tray, this is now recorded in the Activity section. When an email or document is moved, if the drawer is open this is now closed automatically.
  • Correction to an error in Notification where the incorrect user was shown as the user who mentioned a user when the notification had been marked as read.



  • When creating an email as Draft in FYI, a new function has been added to the email Editor to Preview the email. This shows how all the Merge Fields will populate, including those that relate to the sender of the email. These Merge Fields are only applied when the final sender of the email has been determined and so do not display when editing the email in FYI.
    The Preview function is available from the tool bar in the Email Editor and opens the email in a new window in your browser. Refer to Previewing the Draft in FYI Email in Creating an Email in FYI.

  • When using Bulk Update for emails or documents, you now have the option to update the value for one or more Categories without selecting a Cabinet. This allows you to update, for example, the Year in emails or documents that are filed under different Cabinets. Refer to Bulk Update.


  • In the Email AutoFile Settings:
    • The layout of the Email AutoFile Settings has been updated.
    • In the Exclusion tab, email addresses and domains that you want to exclude from the Email AutoFile can be imported via a .csv file. The Draft Filed view of the Documents list is a useful source for email addresses and domains to include and import using a .csv file (refer to FYI Admin view of all Users' In Trays).
    • Non-client Emails are now referred to as External Emails.
    • Refer to Email AutoFile Settings, Exclusions and Practice Filing Defaults.

  • When creating an email in FYI, the way in which additional Recipients are added has been updated. These can now be selected as Search for any client email, Search for internal user, Enter a new email or Select a contact of the client. Refer to Adding and Changing Recipients when Creating an Email.

  • In users' In Trays, an option has been added to move one or more emails and documents to another user's In Tray. The new user will then be able to file the emails or documents from their In Tray. Refer to Moving Emails/Document to another User's In Tray in Managing your In Tray.

  • Additional options have been added for the Line Height in the Email Editor. These can be used in Email Signatures and Templates and when editing a Draft in FYI email. Refer to Formatting and Fonts using the Editor in FYI.


  • In the user's settings from Settings - My Settings - Profile tab the AutoFile Mode or AutoFile was redundant and has been removed.



  • In the FYI Drawer in Outlook, if the email address is shared between more than one client, so the email is shown as having multiple clients as none are marked as Include in AutoFile, this now excludes any email addresses that are for internal users.



  • In the Email AutoFile Settings:
    • The option "In tray review multiple clients" has been removed and when auto-filing, where the email address is held for more than one client, the email is always sent to the In Tray so the relevant client can be selected.
    • The option "Maintain thread filing state" has been removed and for emails that are part of a thread, once one email in a thread is filed, all other emails in that thread are automatically filed with the same filing details. If one of the emails in the thread is removed, they are all removed.
    • Added an option to set the Filing Defaults at the Practice level. When auto-filing emails, and when creating a new email or document in FYI, if Filing Defaults are not available for either the Client or User, the Practice Filing Defaults for Cabinet and Category are applied as the defaults for the filing.
    • Refer to Email AutoFile Settings, Exclusions and Practice Filing Defaults.



  • A new default view has been added to Documents list - Draft Filed. With this view, an FYI Admin automatically sees the emails and documents with a status of Draft for all Owners. This allows an FYI Admin to see all the emails and documents that are in other peoples' In Trays. All other users can only see their own Draft Filed documents so this view shows the same emails and documents as in their In Tray. Refer to FYI Admin view of all Users' In Trays.

  • A new tab Clients is now available when displaying a Client Group from the Clients list. This displays a summary list of the clients within a Client Group. From this view, you can also include the column Include in Autofile to see which client will be used when auto-filing and where the email address is shared by more than one client. Refer to Displaying Information for Client Groups.


  • The columns included in the In Tray have been updated. This now includes the Year (where available) and the Created date. Refer to Managing your In Tray.

  • In the Clients list:
    • The Email column can now be sorted into ascending or descending order.
    • A column Include in AutoFile can now be included to see which client will be used when auto-filing where the email address is shared by more than one client. When the Clients list is sorted on the Email column, this shows where clients have a shared email address and you can determine where one of these needs to be marked or unmarked as Include in Autofile.
      Refer to Using the Clients Lists.


  • When creating emails within FYI, and no stationery or template is being used, only one blank line is now added at the top of the draft email, not four lines.



  • In Automation - Processes, Custom Process, the Update Job step can now also be used to update Job Custom Fields. This is currently available for Custom Fields that are dates and is used to update the record with the current date. Refer to Update Job in Process Step Details - Updating Clients, Creating and Updating Jobs.

  • In Onboarding, the Migration app now makes an additional check of the next level in the folder structure being matched.  In a case where the Group Name is the same as the Client Name, this ensures that the matching is done at the Client Name level.


  • When creating an email in FYI and adding additional email addresses as recipients, the additional email addresses now show in the email editor for To, CC or BCC.
  • The Automation Tax processes (Tax Assessments AutoFile (Agreed & Not Postal/Agreed & Postal/Variance) when created from the defaults are now correctly populating contents of the templates.



  • Addition of the option Default Task Start Date in the Practice Settings. This controls whether or not the Start Date on Tasks defaults to today's date. Refer to Practice Settings and Using the Task Drawer. This is currently not applicable to Tasks created with automation processes.
    • When Default Task Start Date is enabled in Practice Settings, the Start Date is set automatically as today's date on any Tasks that are created as stand-alone Tasks or from an email, document or job.
    • When Default Task Start Date is not enabled, the Start Date in the Task is blank and can optionally be set when the Task is created.

  • The default filing settings for Cabinet and Categories are included in the User Profile that can be accessed by an FYI Admin from Practice Settings - Admin - Users. This allows an FYI Admin to setup or update the Cabinet and Category default filing settings for an individual user. Refer to Managing Users.


  • When using Merge Fields to bring in addresses from your practice management software, any line breaks, trailing spaces or white spaces are removed in FYI. This stops any addresses coming in to FYI with extra line breaks or extra spaces in emails or documents created in FYI.
  • When a document is filed under a cabinet a user does not have access to, the document can no longer be exported.
  • When switching between the Home - My Jobs and the Jobs workspace, the filters, search and options now correctly work on the Jobs Board.
  • If a user has the FYI Add-in open in more than one office application, or has logged in from an email in the Outlook FYI - Drafts folder, the user is no longer prompted to login to FYI subsequent times from the FYI Add-in.
  • For practices integrated with Xero Practice Manager, changing the email address of a user in Xero Practice Manager is now syncing correctly to FYI.
  • Correction to error in a process that tries to create an email or document for a job that does not have a client assigned.
  • Task name is correctly stored when the Due Date field is clicked directly after entering the name.
  • Search is now working from the My Jobs - Job Board when this is initially displayed.


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