When using ATOmate, if the client is not recognised in ATOmate, where is the document being saved in FYI?

Where possible and when using AutoFile, documents from ATOmate are filed automatically against the relevant client, cabinet, and category.

If the client is not found, the document from ATOmate is saved to FYI, but without a client assigned to it and shows as blank.

Note: You can locate the documents that do not have a client assigned using the "(Blank)" Filter on the Clients column in a documents list. Refer to Filtering on No Client in Sorting and Filtering.

When this is the case, for practices integrated with Xero Practice Manager, once the relevant client has been updated in Xero Practice Manager and synced to FYI, you need to manually refile it in FYI and select the appropriate client.

ATOmate will not retry to upload a document even after the client has been updated in your practice management software.

As a workaround, you can set up a client in Xero Practice Manager with the following name:

“Unknown ATOmate Client”.

If a document is then processed by ATOmate for an unknown client, FYI will file it against this placeholder client and this makes it easier to locate the document in FYI so it can then be filed against the appropriate client.

Note: Please contact ATOmate support for this setup as ATOmate will need to configure how documents are redirected to the "Unknown ATOmate Client".



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