March and April 2021: What’s New and Improved



The last two months
 saw an upgrade to our integration with Xero Practice Manager for increased data securityA large project for the team, this ensures that practices using FYI are complying with compliance rules mandated by tax authorities worldwide. 


Here are a few of the new things you can do in FYI:   

  • In the Client workspace, there are now two tabs for the information that was previously found on the Client - Details tab. These are Settings – displaying the client’s default settings, and Custom Fields – displaying the client’s custom fields from your practice management software. Refer to  Client Settings  and Client Custom Fields.  
  • There is now a dedicated button to expand and collapse the Filter DrawerYou can Apply and Close (which is the default) to apply your selections and close the drawer. To keep the Filter Drawer open, simply click the arrow next to the Apply and Close button and select ApplyYou can also Reset your selections from the Drawer. 
  • The following Apps are now shown in the Automation - Apps tab:  

Email AutoFile 

Xero Practice Manager 


Calendar Entry AutoFile 

Refer to  Automation Apps. 

Other highlights from this month’s release notes include:  


  • From the Client Workspace when a client that is part of a Group is displayed, the Jobs in the drop-down at the top of the workspace will display all Jobs for the Client Group. This only applies when the Practice Settings are set with Show Jobs by Client as “Off”. Refer to Group/Client/Job Search and Navigation. 



  • When creating emails within FYI, the email editor now includes the common name of the sender and recipient(s). For example, Frank Marshall



  • FYI admins can use Bulk Update to delete multiple emails and documents. This includes deleting emails and documents that have a workflow status of "Completed", "Approved", "Pending Client Signature" or "Client Signed". However, those being edited or in Co-edit will not be deleted. Refer to Bulk Updating of Filing Details. 


  • Documents imported by the BGL document import now set the document owner to System so these no longer display in a user's My Recent.  
  • For those using FuseSignyou can set the Assign documents to individual users switch to allow for multi-users of FuseSign. Refer toIntegration with FuseSign. 


  • The Automation - Processes List view now displays the processes in alphabetic order by default.  
  • In Automation - History and in Client - Process Historyyou can re-run the whole process by selecting the Run again button for an entry with a Status of “Success”. When the entry shows a Status of “Error”, you can click the Retry button to re-run the failed step(s)Refer to Automation Historyand Client Processes and Process History.

For further details on the features mentioned above, refer to March 2021 Release Notes and April 2021 Release Notes. 

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