Why are unnecessary Jobs being created from Xero Tax?

We are seeing Jobs in FYI that are created by Xero Tax which do not have a job management function.

Jobs are being created by Xero Tax due to the "Auto Activity Statement" creation automation that is switched on in your settings of Xero Tax.

By default, Jobs are not visible to users in Xero Tax and no Job States are available to be selected.


  1. Contact FYI Support to enable a cancelled Job State in FYI.
  2. If relevant, change the "Auto Activity Statement" in Xero Tax to "Off" if this is not being used.
  3. Change the State of the Jobs in FYI to a Cancelled state. You can use Bulk Update function (refer to Jobs Bulk Update).
  4. Leave the Jobs in Xero in a cancelled state so they do not return to FYI on the next sync.


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