Merge Clients

From the Clients list, an FYI Admin, or a user in a User Group that has Permissions enabled for Edit Client, can use the Merge function to merge documents from one or more clients to the selected "Merge To" client. For example, when there are duplicate clients.

This can be used to merge clients of any Status i.e. Active, Archived or Unmatched (from the Migration process). In the Clients list, the Merge button displays when more than one client is selected.

Important Notes

  • The documents from the selected clients are merged into the selected Merge To Client. In the Activity section of the drawer of the documents, this shows the original client.

  • When the documents have been Merged:
    • Clients from Xero Practice Manager or GreatSoft will not be removed and will remain in FYI with the same status i.e. Active or Archived. 

    • Clients from Practice Sync integrations (MYOB, APS, Iris, or CCH Central), Generic Practice Management Import, or Migrations that weren't matched with a client in FYI, will be removed from the client list and no longer show in FYI.

  • If clients are archived, and you create a new client in your practice management software (creating a new client in FYI) you will need to merge documents from the archived client to the new client. Documents and Emails will then need to be updated with a "Filed" status to appear in the active document lists. Refer to Bulk Updating of Filing Details and Bulk Update.

  • If you have duplicate clients, merge documents to the preferred client and archive the others. Refer to Archived Clients.

Steps to Merge Clients

  1. Any Tasks assigned to the "Merge From" client being merged are not reassigned to the "Merge To" client. First, check if there are any Tasks relating to this client and reassign them using Bulk Update to the new client before running the Merge. Refer to Tasks Bulk Update.

  2. Check if there are any Automation Processes that are still in progress that could relate to the client being merged from. Either wait for these to complete or stop them. Refer to Stopping a Process that is in Progress in Automation History.

  3. In the Clients list, include any columns, and set any filters or search criteria as relevant. For example, you can filter on Status to include any Archived or Unmatched clients in the list.

  4. Select the clients you want to Merge.

  5. Click Merge.

  6. In the Merge Clients drawer, select the Merge To Client. This is the client that the documents from the other selected clients will be merged into.

    Note: Any archived or unmatched clients will display an "Archived" tag or "Unmatched" tag to identify active clients.

  7. When the Merge To Client is selected, this displays the clients that will be merged.

  8. Click Apply.
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