Client Custom Fields

If you have set up Custom Fields for clients (for example, to distinguish the client type (such as A, B or C grade clients, to record additional address or contact information, or for other indicators), these Custom Fields display on the Client - Custom Fields tab in FYI.

Note: Changes to Custom Fields can only be made by an FYI Admin, or a user in a User Group that has Permissions enabled for Edit Custom Fields. Refer to Managing User Groups.

You can use the Search field to search in the Client - Custom Fields.


Using Client Custom Fields

Custom Client Fields can be used in a variety of ways in FYI, making it easier to engage with and manage your clients.

Synchronising Custom Fields

Automated Synchronisation

When integrated with either Xero Practice Manager, GreatSoft, or a practice management system via Practice Sync, the frequency of the automated synchronisation of Custom Fields will depend on your chosen integration.

Refer to the articles in the Apps and Integrations sections for details on your specific integration.

Manual Synchronisation

A manual synchronisation with Xero Practice Manager of Client Custom Fields can be prompted from:

  • The Xero Practice Manager app via Automation - Apps (FYI Admins only).
  • From the Client List.

Refer to Running a Manual Sync with Xero Practice Manager and Additional Notes on Syncing.

Sync from PM

The Sync from PM button at the bottom of the Custom fields table is used to sync the values for Client Custom Fields for the specific client from your practice management software to FYI.


Note: The Sync from PM only syncs the values for the Custom Field for that client. This does not sync any changes to the Custom Field definitions themselves in your practice management software. Refer to Synchronising Clients, Staff, Jobs, Time, Tax Returns with Xero Practice Manager, Synchronising Clients, Users, Jobs and Tax Returns with GreatSoft and Integration with Generic Practice Management Software.

Editing Client Custom Fields

Changes to Custom Fields can only be made by an FYI Admin, or a user in a User Group that has Permissions enabled for Edit Custom Fields (refer to Managing User Groups).

If you have permission to edit Custom Fields, the Edit Custom Fields icon is included.


Clicking Edit Custom Fields allows multiple Custom Fields to be edited.

Use the Hide Blank option to toggle empty fields on and off from view. Your preference will be remembered the next time you visit the tab.


To edit Client Custom Fields:

  1. In FYI, Client - Custom Fields, click Edit Custom Fields.
  2. Enter or select the new value for the Custom Field.
    You can only enter or select a value according to how the Custom Field has been defined, for example, as Text, a Checkbox, select from a Drop-down, Number, etc.
    The following is an example of entering the value for a Text Custom Field.
    The following is an example of selecting a value for a Custom Field that has been defined as a drop-down.

  3. Click Save at the bottom of the screen to save the changes made to all the Custom fields and to take it out of editing mode.


For practices integrated with Xero Practice Manager, any additions or changes to the values or selections for Client Custom Fields are synced to Xero Practice Manager within 15 minutes.

Note: The client will be marked with a 'Pending Sync' tag while waiting for the updates to be synced with Xero Practice Manager. This tag is located alongside Client Details in the Client Summary tab and prevents updates from being overwritten by a user selecting the Sync from PM button. Once all updates have synced to Xero Practice Manager, the tag will be cleared.

Any changes made in your practice management software to the Client Custom Fields will sync to FYI during the automatic overnight synchronisation. They can be manually synced for the specific client using the Sync from PM button. Refer above to Sync from PM.

Clearing Client Custom Fields

If a value has been added to a Custom Field it cannot be blanked out. If needed, you can edit it and set it as a hyphen (-).

To clear a Date Custom Field, click the X next to the Custom Field.


Client Custom Field Definitions

The Client Custom Field definitions can be maintained in FYI by an FYI Admin who can add, edit or remove Custom Fields (refer to Managing Custom Fields).

Note: If any changes are made to the definitions in your practice management software, the Sync from PM does not sync these to FYI. They are only synced from your practice management software during the automatic overnight synchronisation.

Custom User Roles

As well as the Custom Field Types that are available in your practice management software, there is an additional Type of "User" which is used to add Custom Fields in FYI that are Custom User Roles for Clients and/or Jobs.

Custom User Roles allow a value for a Custom Field to be selected as one of the active users in FYI user so that customised user roles can be set up. For example, a Custom User Role can be used to record the user who is assigned to additional categories such as Accountant, Bookkeeper, Team Coordinator, Supervisor, etc.

Custom User Roles can only be added and maintained in FYI. If the Custom User Role applies to both Clients and Jobs, when creating a job using the + Create button, the job will automatically inherit the Custom User Roles selected for the client.

Refer to Custom User Roles

Creating Web Links

Clickable links will be created for custom fields with the type of URL or Text, if the Text Field value has been entered to match one of the following formats:

  • https://webaddress.com
  • https://www.webaddress.com
  • www.webaddress.com
  • webaddress.com

You cannot combine multiple links, or text with a link, otherwise the field will not be clickable. For example, entering "www.mycompany.com and www.mybusiness.com" will not become clickable.

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