April 2021 Release Notes




  • The List View in Automation - Processes now correctly shows the trigger as Manual, not as On Demand.
  • New or existing users can be added successfully to the sharing settings without the error. "Failed to add users".
  • When changing the Cabinet or Categories in the Filter Drawer, if documents have been previously selected, these are now unselected when the new Cabinet or Categories are selected.
  • A Standard user can no longer delete Read only documents.

  • When filing a document to a Knowledge cabinet from an Office application, the Client is no longer required.

  • When creating a task with an Automation Process, the Task Description is now correctly saved.

  • When adding an Execute Process step to an Automation Process, only a Manual Process can now be selected as the process to be executed.

  • Stapled documents in the In Tray now show when clicking on the staple icon.

  • When displaying documents in a thread in the In Tray, the Thread icon now correctly shows documents belonging to that thread.



  • In Automation, the following Apps (which were previously in the Automation - Processes tab) are now shown in the Automation - Apps tab. Refer to Automation Apps.

        Email Autofile
        Xero Practice Manager
        Calendar Entry Autofile

  • The Sync function for Xero Practice Manager that is available to FYI Admins to manually sync Clients, Users, Jobs and Tax Returns, is now in the Xero Practice Manager option in the Automation - Apps tab.
    Refer to Running a Manual Sync with Xero Practice Manager and Additional Notes on Syncing.
  • In Automation - History and in Client - Process History, when an entry with a Status of "Success" is selected in the History tab, the Re-run button now shows as a Run again button. This will re-run the whole process from the beginning. Where the process was run, for example for a specific client, this will rerun it for that client.  When an entry with a Status of "Error" is selected in the History, this displays the Retry button. Retry will re-run the failed step(s) and any steps that previously succeeded are not executed a second time. Refer to Automation History and Client Processes and Process History.

  • The List View in the Automation - Processes now includes the Add Custom Process button. Refer to Automation Processes.


  • In My Settings, a file with an extension in upper case can now be uploaded as the signature image file.



  • In the Client workspace, there are now two tabs for the information that was on the Client - Details tab. These are now Client - Settings, with the default settings for the client, and Client - Custom Fields, with the custom fields for the client. Refer to Client Settings and Client Custom Fields.


  • In the Clients list, sorting on a Custom Field that is a decimal number no longer gives an error.
  • In the Email Editor, text that is added with bullets is now correctly aligned and the Quick Insert now displays in the correct position after minimizing the screen.
  • In an Automation Process Step, when a template or stationery has been selected in a step, this can now be deleted by clicking the x next to the selected template or stationery.
  • The Automation - Processes List view now displays the processes in alphabetic order by default.
  • Change to the time-out which caused the FYI Add-in to logout in a Word document.
  • In My Settings, a standard user can now upload their signature image file.



  • In Custom Processes, when a Client View is set as the filter, this now allows you to select Run Only Once Per Client. There is a limit of 5000 set on the number of documents or clients that a process will run for. If there are more than this limit of 5000 that you need to run the process on (for example more than 5000 clients) you need to run the process again to run it for the documents or clients that were not included in the initial run. Setting Run Only Once Per Document or Run Only Once Per Client runs the process but excludes the documents/clients it has already run for. Refer to Custom Processes using Views and Summary Notifications.

  • The Filter Drawer in documents list now includes an Apply and Close button which allows you to make any selections and then apply these and close the drawer. This is the default. If you want to apply your selections but leave the Filter Drawer open, you can click the arrow next to the Apply and Close button and select Apply.

  • For BGL and NowInfinity, the date and time of the Last Sync is now displayed in the relevant App in Automation. Refer to Connecting your BGL account to FYI and Connecting your NowInfinity account to FYI.


  • Signatures can now be inserted in a Word document from the desktop and online versions of Word.
  • When Confirming a Refile, the pop-up now shows all the selected options. If a Refile has been cancelled, it now displays in the Refile Results with a cancelled icon (a circle with a line through it).
  • When displaying the Jobs Board from the Client workspace for a client with multiple clients in that client group, if Show jobs by client is disabled in the Practice Settings, the Jobs Board now correctly displays the jobs for the client group.
  • Sending documents for signature with FuseSign no longer needs the mobile number held for the client to be in E.164 format.
  • Jobs created with a Create Job step in a process are now being created without an error.
  • Changes to Job States and created Jobs are now syncing correctly to and from Xero Practice Manager.
  • Time created in FYI is now syncing correctly to XPM.
  • An Excel macro spreadsheet with Merge Fields can now be used as a template.
  • Correction to the display in the FYI Drawer in Outlook where the vertical scroll was overlapping the Add Task and Add Time buttons.
  • Correction to Custom Processes so a Scheduled process must always have a Filter selected.


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