Occasional Delays in Syncing with Xero Practice Manager due to Xero's new oAuth

With its move to the new oAuth, Xero has introduced restrictions on the synchronisation with FYI.
This means that, in certain scenarios, it may take more than 24 hours to sync data from Xero Practice Manager to FYI.

Our engineers are aware of this, and working urgently to develop a better solution.

Where possible, make changes in FYI, for example, make changes to Job States in FYI.

Do not request the Sync multiple times. Each time the Sync is requested it sends another request into the queue. 

If this causes significant business delays with the sync, especially with Custom Fields, please contact the FYI Support Team

Jobs and Custom Fields on Jobs
When running a manual Jobs sync, there could be a delay of 5 or 10 minutes for these to sync from Xero Practice Manager.

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