Integration with Annature

FYI can be integrated with digital signature providers Annature, for digital signing.

The following describes how to set up FYI so that documents can be sent directly to Annature.

For information on how to send a document for signature using Annature, refer to Digital Signatures using Annature. This article also has details of the Signature Merge Field that needs to be added to a template used when sending documents for signature via Annature.

Using the integration with Annature

To use the integration with Annature:

  • You need to be a registered and subscribed user of Annature.
  • Annature is Pay as you Go so don't actually have plans. Refer to the Annature article
  • An FYI Admin will first need to connect your Annature account to FYI.
  • Users can then send selected PDF documents for signing from FYI using the Signature button.

Connect your Digital Signature Account to FYI

Your Annature account needs to be connected to FYI.

  • This is a one-off step and can only be done by an FYI Admin, or a user in a User Group that has Permissions enabled for Automations.
  • The user who does the connection with Annature must be an Administrator on Annature.

To connect FYI and Annature:

  1. Within Annature create your integration ID and Key for FYI. Refer to the Annature article Integration with FYI.

  2. In FYI log in as an FYI Admin who is also an Administrator on Annature.

  3. Click the Automation menu option.

  4. Go to the Apps tab.
  5. In the Annature app, click the cog icon to edit it.
  6. In the Annature Settings panel, enter your Annature ID and Key.
  7. Click Connect, sign in to Annature and follow the prompts. 

  8. When set up, the Annature Settings in FYI shows the Connected date and time.

  9. For Annature, you can set the Assign documents to individual users switch in FYI to allow for multi-users of Annature. 

    - When Assign documents to individual users is set to "Off" there is only one shared account for everyone to use.

    - Set Assign documents to individual users switch to "On" when you have multiple accounts in Annature. When sending a document it will show under the user's Annature account, so when a user sends a PDF for signing it will show under the documents that particular user sent.

    Note: Only enable this if all users that will be sending documents have an account set up on Annature. If this is enabled, and the user does not have an account and tries to send a document for signature, they will see an error "Cannot find Annature user for 'user's email address'".

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