Resetting your connection between FYI and Xero Practice Manager

When viewing the Xero Practice Manager app via Automations - Apps - Xero Practice Manager, a yellow box may be displayed with the text "XPM needs to reconnect".

Errors may also be displayed in Practice Activity with the text "There is a problem with your XPM integration and authentication failed", or data may have stopped synchronising altogether, for example, new clients may not be created in FYI.

To resolve the issue, you will need to reconnect your integration with Xero.

Before you Reset your Connection

Check your User Account

If you need to reset the connection between FYI and Xero Practice Manager (XPM), you should first consider the following important factors about the user who resets the connection:

  • The user should be a long-term user of FYI and Xero Practice Manager in the future as the connection is dependent on their active status in both Xero Practice Manager and FYI.

  • The user must be an FYI Admin and have Administrator access to Xero Practice Manager

  • Your Xero Practice Manager Administrator must have Authorise 3rd party Full Access enabled in XPM. An error will display if they don’t have the setting enabled. Refer to You don't have access to connect to any Xero Practice Manager Accounts” when connecting FYI to XPM.

Note: This access only needs to be set for the Xero Administrator connecting FYI to Xero Practice Manager or Xero Tax, and is not needed for other users.

For first-time connections, refer to Connecting Xero Practice Manager.

Multiple Xero Practice Manager Accounts

If you have more than one account for Xero Practice Manager (such as for branches in different cities) ensure the user connects to the correct Xero Practice Manager when prompted by Xero. 

Connecting to the wrong account will cause the wrong data to sync, and will be difficult to correct.

Integration Settings

  1. Log in to FYI as an FYI Admin who is also a Xero Practice Manager Administrator, with Authorise 3rd party Full Access enabled.
  2. Click the Automation menu option.
  3. Go to the Apps tab.


  4. In the Xero Practice Manager app, click the cog icon


  5. The Xero Practice Manager Settings will be displayed.


Maintain Jobs in FYI

"Maintain Jobs in FYI" is set to Off by default.

When Maintain Jobs in FYI is set to On, the Sync function will not be available in the Jobs list or the Client - Jobs tab in the Client workspace. 

The option for users to manually Sync Jobs will be disabled, and ensures that any changes made to Jobs in FYI, such as the Job State, are not updated back to the original state in Xero Practice Manager if a manual Job Sync is requested before the change in FYI has been updated to Xero Practice Manager.

Sync Custom Fields from Xero Practice Manager

When the "Sync Custom Fields From XPM" option is set to On, any changes made in Xero Practice Manager to the Custom Fields values for a Client or Job, or to the definitions, will sync to FYI during the automatic synchronisation overnight.

The automatic sync of Custom Fields to FYI can be disabled by setting the Sync Custom Fields From XPM option to "Off".

When this is disabled, Client and Job Custom Fields are maintained in FYI and synced to Xero Practice Manager. Manual synchronisations can still be used to sync Custom Fields. Refer to:

At least one standard Job field must be modified to synchronise Job Custom Fields during a manual sync.

Maintain Invoices in FYI

This is for a future update to FYI, and should be set to "Off".

Resetting the Connection

  1. Click Reconnect XPM and you will be prompted to log in to Xero.

  2. Enter your login details (ensure you log in with a Xero Practice Manager Administrator Account) and click Log in.

  3. Follow the prompts for any verification or to answer your security questions. You will then be prompted to allow access to FYI.

  4. Click Allow Access.

    Note: If your Xero login has access to more than one Xero practice, you are prompted to select which one you wish to connect to FYI. Ensure you are connecting to the correct Xero Practice Manager.

  5. Perform a manual sync of Jobs, Clients, Staff and Xero Tax Returns. Refer to Running a Manual Sync with Xero Practice Manager and Additional Notes on Syncing.

  6. An entry will be added to Practice Activity to show the connection was reset. Refer to Practice Activity.

Important Note: After resetting the connection, if the Xero Administrator account that made the connection needs to be made inactive or deleted, please first contact the FYI Support Team

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