Implementors: Administering Live Import

This article provides information on administering the Live Import. For information on what is created, what is matched in the Live Import and information on unmatched clients and refiling documents, refer to Implementors: Live Import.

Refer also to FYI Migrate FAQs and FYI Migrate Errors.

Pausing the Live Import

If needed, when you are completing the refiling of documents, you can pause the Live Import. This would only be used by your Onboarding team or Implementors. The pause ensures you have complete control over what you are refiling so that no documents are inadvertently synced while you are running the refile process.

Note: This will only pause the Live Import uploading of the documents to FYI. If there are documents still being collected from the database or filing systems, this will continue.

Pausing the Live Import

To pause the Live Import:

  1. From FYI, when logged in as an FYI Admin, go to Settings.
  2. Select Onboarding from the drop-down.
    The Onboarding workspace displays.
  3. Expand the Migrate Documents section.
    When the Migration app is running, the setting for FYI Migrate sending documents shows as "On"
  4. To pause the Live Import, click this to set it "Off".


Restarting the Live Import

To restart the Live Import:

  1. Go to the Onboarding workspace (as above)
  2. Click the setting for FYI Migrate sending documents to set this "On".

This setting is checked every 15 minutes, so the Live Import will restart within the next 15 minutes.

Stopping the Live Import

To stop the Live Import of data, the FYI Migrate app has to be stopped or shut down. This is typically done at the migration cut-off time, or if advised by your FYI Implementor or Onboarding Consultant.

  1. In the Migrate app, select Stop.
  2. Close the Migrate app

Syncing more than one historical document source simultaneously

Refer to Can I sync from more than one historical document source simultaneously? in FYI Migrate FAQs.

Archiving Document Categories

FYI will create categories as part of the migration. These categories can be archived, however the archived category must be unarchived to display in the Document Drawer.

We recommend that after the document migration has been successfully completed that the migrated categories are removed from all cabinets and archived. Refer to Managing Categories

Migration Audit Report

Once the FYI Migration completes, a .CSV report is automatically generated in FYI as the Migration Audit Report. This gives a summary of the total files and documents that have been migrated and lists any errors and excluded files with the reason for the error or exclusion. Refer to Implementors: Migration Audit Report.

Check if Live Import is running

Currently there is no visual check on whether or not the Live Import is currently running.
If you need to, please contact your Onboarding Consultant to check the import queue.

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