February 2021: What’s New and Improved



February was a month spent enhancing some existing features – with a few new releases thrown into the mix as well.  

Here are a few of the new things you can do in FYI: 

  • Archive any clients not matched to an active client during migration using the Bulk Update button in the Clients List. This is a handy feature for any firms who still have an unmatched clients list to action. Refer to Clients Bulk Update. 

  • Use Partner Role and Manager Roleas merge fields in email and Word templates. For emails, this field can be found in the FYI section of the Email Editor. For Word templates, look under Data from FYI in our Merge Fields for Templates and Stationery document 
  • Use custom merge fields in Excel Spreadsheet templates. Just remember to use the custom merge field code when doing so. Refer to our Merge Fields for Templates and Stationery document. Using standard merge fields in excel spreadsheets is now also even easier.  

  • Display a count of the total number of documents assigned to a Cabinet by clicking the Get Document Count button. This is a tool for FYI Admins if you need to refile an entire cabinetIt is accessed from the Cabinets tab in Practice Settings. Refer to Managing Cabinets. 

  • Click Show inactive Jobs  to select an inactive job when creating a Task. Refer to Using the Task Drawer. 


Other highlights from this month’s release notes include: 


  • If a standard user has been given Security access to client, they can now access the Client - Security tab and see all users who have access to that client. But only an FYI admin can make changes to the security access of a client. Refer to Client Security. 


  • Weve introduced "Scheduled" and "Manual" icons in the list view for Custom Processes. This allows you to quickly identify how the automation is being triggered. Refer to Automation Processes. 

  • When creating a document as a step iProcess, if you leave AutoFileas "Enabled" in the Filing, the filing settings are taken from the default filing selections for that specific client. Where the client is part of a Client Group, the process now ignores whether the group has a client set with the Include in Autofile setting. Refer to Automation Process StepsandSetting Filing Defaults for a Client. 

  • You can now save views in the List View using the Save View option. This displays the All view by default - and includes "Active" and "Draft" processes. To display "Archived" processes, use the filter for Status. Refer to Automation Processes. 

  • Use the down arrow next to the Automation menu for quick access to a standard or saved list view. From the drop-down you can select Appsand Process History to display the tabs. Refer to Quick Access to Views, Clients, Documents, Jobs, Tasks and Automation. 

  • Sticky Views are now available for the List Views. Refer to Sticky Views. 

For further details on the features mentioned above, refer to  February 2021 Release Notes. 


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