FYI Welcome Screen

When you're ready to begin onboarding with FYI, you will be presented with the Welcome screen.


The Default Settings and Your Team can be configured at any time to suit your practice. We recommend making changes directly from FYI after you have completed your account setup.

Work through the options below, and then click Next to proceed to the FYI Apps installation.

Your Default Settings

FYI comes shipped with best-practice settings to get you started, including the following:

  • Default Cabinets for your clients and practice documents.
  • Default Categories for filing documents, for example, Year and Priority.
  • Sample Templates and Stationery.

Refer to Your Default Settings.

Your Team

In the Welcome screen, expand the Your Team section to add additional FYI Admins, or invite members of your team to use FYI during the trial. 

If you choose to integrate with practice management software, for example, Xero Practice Manager, users will be imported when the integration is connected.

Refer to Inviting New Users to Start Using FYI.

Sample Clients and Sample Cabinet

The Welcome Screen is set to create a set of sample clients and a default Cabinet "Sample" that can be used when trialling and training users. Expanding the Sample Content section shows the Sample Clients option as "On". 

If this is not required, set Sample Clients and Cabinet to "Off".

When Sample Clients is enabled in the Welcome Screen this automatically enables Sample Clients and the Sample Cabinet in your Practice Settings (refer to Managing Sample Content).


In the Clients list, Sample Clients show with the Source as "Sample" and with a blue Sample icon to indicate they are samples.


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