I have access to two Xero Practice Manager accounts. Can I use this email address with an alias to access two FYI accounts?


Our practice has a Xero Practice Manager account and an FYI account and is becoming a franchise.

As I am becoming a franchisee, I would like to set up my own FYI account. I currently log into Xero Practice Manager with the same email address to access both sets of clients (using the Xero Practice Manager option that allows a user to connect one Xero account to multiple Xero Practice Manager accounts).

I want to be able to do the following:

  • Access both Xero Practice Manager accounts with the same email address (for example, myname@xyz.com).
  • Access one FYI account with the email address I use for Xero Practice Manager (myname@xyz.com).
  • Create another FYI account with a separate email address (NEWmyname@xyz.com).
  • Access both FYI accounts using the FYI alias function.

Is this possible?


Email addresses in FYI need to be unique, and cannot be used across multiple sites. Creating an Email Alias will not let you switch between accounts.

To easily access multiple FYI accounts, we recommend the following process:

  1. Creating separate users in each Xero Practice Manager account

  2. Perform a staff synchronisation with Xero Practice Manager (or wait for the automatic overnight synchronisation to be completed). Refer to Running a Manual Sync with Xero Practice Manager and Additional Notes on Syncing

  3. Use Profiles in Chrome.

For more information refer to How can I login to multiple FYI accounts?

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