Preparing to Go Live

The following steps will ensure you are set up correctly to begin using FYI.

Step 1 - Check your FYI Add-ins are installed correctly

Thanks to integration with Microsoft 365, you can access FYI from within your  Outlook  Inbox, and when you create or open an  Office  document using Word, Excel or PowerPoint.

FYI holds information on Filing, Tasks, Comments and other Activity related to an email or document in The Drawer.

To display the Drawer when using Outlook on your desktop, click the FYI icon in your Outlook ribbon menu.


The FYI Drawer is displayed on the right-hand side.


Click the pin icon to keep the FYI Drawer permanently open.



When using Office on your desktop, click the FYI icon in your Office ribbon menu.


The FYI Drawer is displayed on the right-hand side.


For additional instructions on accessing the Drawer in Outlook and Office online, refer to Displaying the Drawer in FYI, Outlook and Office.

If you have any issues, refer to Optimising your computer for use with FYI.

Step 2 - Login to FYI for the First Time

  1. Go to https://go.fyi.app and click 'LOGIN WITH WINDOWS'

  2. Sign in using your Microsoft 365 credentials.

  3. For easy access, save the FYI Home page as a bookmark in your browser.

Refer to How to Login.

Step 3 - Filing your first Email and creating your first Letter

Completing a few simple tasks will allow you to check that your FYI Add-ins are correctly installed.

Watch these video tutorials to learn how to:

  • File your first email from Outlook
  • Create your first letter in FYI


For step-by-step instructions, refer to the articles in the section Beginner Tutorials.

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