We are merging with another practice. How can we bring the FYI information in the two practices together?

We are an existing FYI account and are merging with another practice who are also an existing FYI account. Can we merge our information and bring the two different practices together?

Yes, this can be done.

You need to get in contact with FYI. We will need to work with yourselves and we will need an introduction to your practice management software consultant as we will also need their cooperation.

FYI relies on IDs (such as the Xero Practice Manager Client IDs) for syncing. As part of the migration of your data to the new account, for practices integrated with Xero Practice Manager, the FYI team will need to re-link these to the new Xero Practice Manager client ID in FYI.

We also need to know what the important details are to keep, for example, Clients, Contacts, Groups, Users, Jobs, Tax, etc.

For your information, there might be implications as well for other third-party app partners such as Practice Ignition.

From an FYI perspective, this will be a chargeable service. although we will do whatever we can to keep the costs as low as possible.


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