February 2021 Release Notes




  • In Automation Process Steps to create a document, when AutoFile is "Enabled" in the Filing, the settings are taken from the specific client the step is processed for. Where the client is part of a Client Group, the process now ignores whether there is a client for the group set as the Primary client for Autofile with the Include in Autofile setting. Refer to Automation Process Steps and Setting Filing Defaults for a Client.

  • The Automation menu now includes the down arrow next to the menu to give quick access to a standard or saved List view in Automation Processes. From the drop-down you can also select Apps to display the Apps tab and, if you have access to this, you can select Process History. Refer to Quick Access to Views, Clients, Documents, Jobs, Tasks and Automation.
    Sticky Views are now available for the List Views in Automation. Refer to Sticky Views.

  • In Automation Processes, when changing the Name of a process, the Tick icon has been included to confirm the change. Refer to Automation Processes.


  • When trying to display edit Automation Processes on a mobile the message "Sorry, not available on mobile size screens" now displays.
  • Exporting clients in the Clients list is now correctly includes the Status in the exported .csv.
  • When using the Clear Staple Filter option, documents reload and correctly show the Thread icons.
  • On Documents lists, the Comment icon is no longer cut off by the side bar.
  • View History link in Process History no longer displays the details of the previous process.
  • When adding columns in Documents list and there is a long Category option, this now wraps and it not cut off.
  • When using the Quick Access menu for Documents, and a recently accessed document has a long name, this now truncates the name in the drop-down.



  • Save View option are now available in the List View in Automation - Processes. Refer to Automation Processes. This displays the All view by default which displays "Active" and "Draft" processes. To display "Archived" processes, use the filter for Status.


  • Export for Unmatched clients in the Clients list is now correctly creating the export .csv.
  • List of templates now correctly displays those for the new release of templates when using Reply, Reply All or Forward to an email.
  • View drop-downs now display correctly in Documents and Templates lists.
  • When clicking the Editing icon to Stop editing, the time displayed since the document was edited is now correct.



  • The Automation Processes List view now displays icons for Custom Processes to indicate if the process Trigger is "Scheduled" or "Manual". Refer to Automation Processes.


  • Custom fields can now be used in templates for Excel Spreadsheets.

  • Where a view has been saved with a filter for cabinets and a user does not have access to some of these, they no longer show as commas.
  • Correction to where user could not login when an email alias was set as the address of an inactive user.
  • Weekly Summary statistics now longer include template and comment count in the notification.
  • Users who are not in a User Group with Permissions enabled for Templates can no longer change the Default Delivery Status on Stationery templates.
  • Jobs created from a Create Job step in an Automation Custom Process now retain the correct Due Date.
  • Correction to the formatting where the Filter Drawer was displayed too wide.
  • Correction to an error in Jobs list when using a combination of a filter by client groups and sorting on Job State.



  • If a user who is not an FYI Admin has been given Security access to client, they can now access the Client - Security tab and see all the users who have been given access to that client. But only an FYI Admin can make any changes to the security access to a client. Refer to Client Security.


  • When searching for a client in the top search bar and then displaying the Client - Documents tab, the correct documents display.
  • When sending a document for signing using a template, this now correctly uses any merge fields in the template.



  • If users are having issues when logging in, a pop-up now displays with options to help troubleshoot what the problem is. Refer to "No active user for ..." when logging into FYI.

  • If any clients have been imported during migration as "Unmatched" clients, you can use the Clients Bulk Update to archive these. Refer to Clients Bulk Update.

  • The Clients list includes an additional Source column that can be displayed to display and filter on the source of the client. This shows as XPM, Legacy, Practice Sync or FYI. For example, where the client has been created or synced with Xero Practice Manager, the Source shows as “XPM”.

  • When using the Group/Client/Job Search and Navigation, archived Clients and Groups and Jobs that are "Completed" or "Cancelled" are excluded from the search. Refer to Group/Client/Job Search and Navigation.


  • When Sticky Views are enabled, if a view that would have been shown is deleted, redisplaying the relevant list now displays the default view.
  • When a Jobs view is saved with a selection on the Job Name, now displays correctly in the Jobs Board.
  • Display Jobs Board in Home - My Jobs now displays correct jobs.
  • In Refile, copying and pasting multiple category options now select the correct categories.
  • Undeliverable emails are now excluded from Negative Email Alerts.
  • The refresh and the message 'We have found an update' is no longer displaying every 5 minutes.
  • Screens now display correctly for iPad Pro size.
  • Message now displays correctly "You do not have access to this document" if user does not have security access to the relevant cabinet for the document or task.
  • Selecting a filter for Cabinet as "None" now correctly displays documents with blank cabinets.



  • Addition of the Merge Fields Partner Role and Manager Role in Email and Word templates. These are added using the codes PartnerRole or ManagerRole.

  • In Practice Settings - Documents - Cabinets, when editing a Cabinet, you can display a count of the total number of documents in that Cabinet by clicking the Get Document Count button. Refer to Managing Cabinets.

  • When creating Tasks, you can now click Show inactive Jobs to select an inactive job. Refer to Using the Task Drawer.

  • Help articles in the Documents category have been reordered to show under some different sections within that category.


  • Using Merge Fields (except for Custom Fields) in Spreadsheet templates are now bringing in values correctly.
  • Correction to an error where the body text added for a Phone Call was being lost.
  • The migration app now checks if the database file is fragmented which can cause the migration to stall and copies the file if needed.
  • Copying and pasting emoticons in the body of Task now adds the icons as the correct size.
  • Selecting views from the Jobs menu Quick Access drop-down now correctly displays the selected view.
  • Selecting a date range with the first of a month in the Documents list now shows the correct dates.
  • When a document is still syncing after being edited, the Convert to PDF button is disabled until the sync is complete.
  • When sending document for signature with FuseSign and the client and contact have the same email address, this now uses the contact name.
  • When hyperlinks are added to Comments, clicking these now opens the link in a new tab.
  • Templates cabinet documents are no longer showing in the Documents list.
  • Reset View is now correctly clearing filter selections of No Client or System Only.



  • In Task details, and Email Templates and Signature, Phone Calls, File Notes and Meetings, the Quick Insert icon that displays when the cursor is at the left-hand side of the text area, now remains on the screen until you click elsewhere, instead of displaying only for a few seconds. Refer to Using the Task Drawer.

  • When displaying the Jobs list, and clicking on link to a client name, the Client workspace for the relevant client is opened with the Jobs tab displayed automatically to show the Jobs for that client.

  • Use "Last, First" style in Practice Settings is no longer relevant and has been removed. Refer to Practice Settings.


  • In migration, the name of an unmatched client which is imported as an archived client, can again be changed in the Client - Summary tab.
  • Correction to an error in Client Group display where client displayed more than once.
  • Correction to an error in Home - Delegated Tasks and Home My Tasks where moving between the two tabs or clicking Load More would display duplicate tasks.
  • Export function is no longer available for emails that are "Draft in FYI".
  • Recent Tasks are now correctly added to the Quick Access list displayed from down arrow next to the Task menu option.
  • For practices integrated with Xero Practice Manager, deleting Client Groups in Xero Practice Manager is now syncing correctly and the deleted groups are no longer visible in FYI.
  • Signed documents from Adobe Sign are now syncing to FYI correctly.
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