Accessing FYI from within Office

As well as creating documents directly in FYI, you can also access the FYI app from within Word, Excel or PowerPoint using the FYI Drawer. This is displayed by clicking the FYI icon in the Office ribbon menu.


The FYI Drawer displays on the right-hand side.

This gives you direct access to the filing details for the document in FYI and can be accessed when using Office on your desktop or in your browser. Refer to Displaying the Drawer in FYI, Outlook and Office.

Saving an Office Document to FYI

When creating a new document in an Office product, you can file it in FYI directly from Office. Refer to Saving an Office Document to FYI.

Using the Document Drawer from within Office

From the FYI Drawer from within Office, you can use the following functions without leaving the document you are working on, in the same way as when working on a document within FYI.

  • Add Filing information
  • Add Tasks related to the document
  • Add Comments for your team
  • Initiate, view or change a Workflow related to the document
  • View or add Time information
  • Mark a document as Starred for easy access within FYI

Refer to Using the Document Drawer and Displaying the Drawer in FYI, Outlook and Office.


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