Navigating the Main Menu

When you first log in to FYI, you will notice the blue menu bar, which allows you to navigate from your Home view, to Clients, Documents, Jobs, Tasks, Automation, Knowledge and if relevant, Practice.

Watch this video and explore the main menu.

Alternatively, you can follow the instructions below.


Home is your personal view of information in FYI. This is where you will find emails, documents and tasks specific to your login.

2343 NL Home.gif

For an introduction to each of the Home tabs, refer to Your Home Workspace.


Clients displays a list of clients across the entire practice. The Clients list is initially set to display "All" clients, which displays all Active clients in alphabetical order.

784 NL Clients List.gif

To view information specific to an individual Client, click on a Client Name in the list to display the Client Workspace.

2227 Client Summary for Individual.gif

For more information on working from the Client workspace to view documents, jobs, tasks and automations related to a Client or Group, refer to the section Clients.


The Documents list allows you to search, sort and filter documents across every client in the practice.


Views can be used to:

  • Jump straight to a specific set of documents
  • Find recent client interactions
  • Manage your mail register
  • Track the workflow state of documents

To help you get started, all new practices will have access to these document views:

  • All (which is the default view)
  • Deleted
  • Emails - Draft
  • Emails - Received
  • Emails - Sent
  • Mail Register - Draft
  • Mail Register - Received
  • Mail Register - Sent
  • Workflow - Pend, Approval
  • Workflow - Pend. Signature

For more information on locating documents using views, sorts and filters, refer to the section Search and Retrieval.


Jobs displays a list of all Jobs across the practice.


You can use the Jobs list to:

  • Search, filter and view lists of Jobs
  • View the state, due date, time allocations and other data of Jobs
  • Create custom Job lists for specific Managers, Partners or other purposes

You can select a Job from the Jobs list to:

  • See all the emails, documents, and tasks relevant to that specific Job
  • Add a comment, update the Job State, and assign Time to a Job

For more information on displaying and maintaining Jobs within FYI, filing documents at a Job level, and adding tasks, comments and time, refer to the section Jobs and Time.


The Tasks list displays outstanding Tasks for all clients across the practice.


You can filter the list, for example, by Client, Assignee or Delegator to monitor workloads.

Clicking on any Task in the workspace will open the Drawer so that you can Update Task details as required.

For more information on creating, delegating and viewing tasks, and using Comments and Notifications, refer to the section Tasks and Comments.


The Automation dashboard provides a central location for FYI Admins to manage the automation functions for our practice.


This is where FYI Admins activate and configure process automations, connect to Apps, and view logs of automation activity.

A standard user can see the Processes and Apps tabs and the options that are available but cannot make any changes to any settings.

For more information on using time-saving automations across document creation, import, filing, email communication and more, refer to the section Process Automation.


The Knowledge Cabinets store practice templates and other documents that do not relate to a client, such as policies and procedures.

The Templates tab in Knowledge displays as follows.

1282 NL Knowledge Templates Admin Users.gif

The Knowledge - Templates tab provides access to view templates and to create emails and documents using Templates, Word Stationery and Email Signatures.  

An FYI Admin, or a user in a User Group that has Permissions enabled for Templates, uses the Knowledge - Templates tab view to create and edit Templates, Word Stationery and Email Signatures.

You can also set up additional Knowledge Cabinets for internal documents, such as policies and procedures, internal administration, or any document not specific to a client. These Cabinets appear as additional tabs alongside Templates in Knowledge.

For more information, refer to Using Knowledge Cabinets and to the articles in the section Using the Documents Lists.


Practice is available only to FYI Admins. This displays the Practice - Activity which is a summary of any updates to and from your practice management software and other app integrations. Refer to Practice Activity.

The Practice - Activity list displays as follows.


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