January 2021: The start of a new year!



We’ve certainly started 2021 with a bang! 🎇🎇🎇 

The latest version of Templates was released in early January to all practices, changing the way templates, stationery and email signatures are created and maintained. 

These changes were driven by user feedback and our desire to leverage existing document actions such as editing, versioning, views and preview into Templates. If you haven’t already – and you are an FYI admin or in a User Group that has Permissions enabled for Templates - jump into your Templates (found under Knowledge) and see this new functionality for yourself. The ability to now preview a template without having to export is a simple and seamless experience. I could go on but enough saidyou really need to experience it. For more details refer to sections Templates and Stationeryand Templates and Signatures for Email. 


Here are the rest of my highlights for this month: 

 Search and Retrieval 

  • Find yourself expanding columns so you can read additional content? You can now expand the column and save the view – either as a new view or modify an existing. Refer to Saving Changes to the View Layout. 
  • We’ve added a new Status column in the Clients list. This allows you to easily filter your "Active", "Archived" or "Unmatched" clients ("Unmatched" is used when migrating data). As a result of this addition, we have removed the Archived Clients button as it is now redundant. Refer to Archived Clients.


  • Using FYI as the single source of client information? We've improved our XPM sync and Contacts are now deleted in FYI when deleted from XPM. This means you will only have active contacts available when, for example, you're creating emails. 


  • If you have more than 100 tasks in your Home – My Tasks list, a Load More button will now appear at the top of the list to display the additional tasks. Having more than 100 tasks, surely not, right?? Sounds scary! Hopefully it's not your Past Due or Today lists that are that long but rather your Upcoming. Refer to Displaying Tasks from your Home. 


  • When displaying the Group/Client/Job selections from the Clients list, inactive' jobs are hidden by default. Clicking on the new Hide the inactive jobs  button will disable this default setting and include inactive jobs in the Jobs selector. Refer to Navigating between Groups, Clients and Jobs. 


  • Emails created as part of an automation now have the People information (To and CC) populated in the email drawer. You will be able to easily view who has received your email without the need to Preview. 


For further details on the features mentioned above, refer to  January 2021 Release Notes. 


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