Issues Configuring FYI for Enterprise Practices

In some cases for larger practices, depending on the tenant settings in Microsoft 365 and Azure, there can be additional configuration required for users to access FYI.

The typical symptom is users being unable to login to FYI Add-ins in desktop Outlook or Office, whereas the FYI Add-in is enabled and works with online Outlook and Office for the same user.

It is recommended to troubleshoot with administrator rights for Remote Desktop environments to make the configuration changes to isolate the cause.

This article relates to if you are having an issue with the FYI Office or Outlook Add-in when you are configuring the FYI Add-ins in a large practice.

Areas to Check

This article covers the following configuration and potential errors. See below for the solution for each of these.

Check Minimum Requirements and check Outlook and Office Updates are installed

As the first check:

  • Always make sure you are using Microsoft 365 (refer to Prerequisites for using FYI in your Practice).
  • Always make sure that you have the latest Outlook and Office updates are installed. This may be an issue if you have auto-updates of Office turned off.

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Check the FYI Add-ins are correctly Installed and Configured

Refer to Adding the FYI Add-ins to Your Practice Microsoft 365 Account.

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Azure Settings

Within Azure AD, your Microsoft 365 administrator needs to ensure that all users have the appropriate permissions to access the FYI Web application.


  1. Login to Azure portal as an Administrator to enterprise applications
  2. Check that both FYI enterprise apps are listed being:
    • FYI for Office - which provides access to the FYI Add-in for Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook
    • FYI for Web - which provides access to the FYI web application 

If either doesn't exist, then:

  1. Log in to as a Microsoft 365 administrator
    You will then be prompted to grant permissions to your users

Where they both exist, for each follow these steps:

  1. Select Properties. If 'User assignment required?' is set to Yes (normally only for enterprise practices), then continue with the remaining steps.

  2. Select Users and Groups.

  3. Select Add user/group.

  4. Add the relevant Microsoft 365 group for users of FYI.

    For these changes to apply, users will need to sign out from Office Online and sign back in

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If the steps provided do not resolve the issue, please contact the FYI support team

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