Announcing our new integration with FuseSign




FYI now integrates seamlessly with FuseSign, a digital signing solution that has been built by accountants, for accountants.

FuseSign is designed to provide greater control over who signs, views or has limited access to each document, making it fantastic for handling a whole family group in one bundle. Clients receive just one link, don't need to remember username and passwords, and can access from any device.

To find out more and start a 14 day free trial of FuseSign, refer to the FuseSign website  


What does this mean for FYI users?

  • Send selected documents for signing from FYI using the Signature button
  • Customise your message using an FYI template with merge fields
  • Documents signed by clients are automatically imported into FYI
  • Updates the original with the signed copy and updates the workflow status


Who is this available for?

The FuseSign integration is available to all users on the Intermediate or Pro plan.

You need a current subscription with FuseSign on a Business Plan or above. Ask them for their special pricing for FYI clients!

You can use all the features of the integration in their 14-day free trial.


Want to get started?

An FYI Admin will first need to connect your FuseSign account to FYI.

Refer to Digital Signatures using FuseSign to find out how.


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