Announcing our new integration with FuseDocs



FYI now integrates with FuseDocs to simplify document collations for our customers.

FuseDocs will automate the collation of client document packages by locating and retrieving documents filed in FYI and turning them into a collated document package within seconds.

What does this mean for FYI users?

  • The need for time consuming manual collation processes is removed.
  • Map your FuseDocs collation form to a specific FYI clients and cabinets to remove the need to re-file documents for collation.
  • A final report package is auto-filed in FYI.
  • Assign workflows on the final report package to streamline review of collation.


Who is this available for?

This integration is available to all users on the Pro plan.

You must hold a current subscription for FuseDocs.

To find out more, please visit FuseDocs

Want to get started?

An FYI Admin will first need to connect your FuseDocs account to FYI.

Refer to Integration with FuseDocs to find out how.


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