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FYI recommend that you set up a OneDrive Admin Account in FYI. This links to a Microsoft 365 account specifically for your practice account in FYI.

We recommend using the Microsoft 365 Business Standard plan; the Microsoft 365 Business Basics is the absolute minimum licence required. Refer to Prerequisites for using FYI in your Practice.

There are a variety of functions within FYI where this would be used, such as the OneDrive administration account, backups and exports, it can be used when sending out bulk emails and also for shared mailboxes (see below for more details).

  • The OneDrive Admin Account user would be included as a licensed FYI user, but with a discounted licence of AU $30 excluding GST.
  • The user account should be created as an FYI Admin user. Refer to Managing Users.
  • You can log in using the OneDrive Admin Account and this is considered a normal user. However, once the Collaborate function is activated, the user is set as the 'Admin user' in the OneDrive app. FYI detects this and alerts our Finance team to apply the discount.
  • If using New Collaborate, the OneDrive Admin Account must be assigned the roles of SharePoint Administrator and Guest Inviter. If not using New Collaborate, the OneDrive Admin can be a standard user account in Microsoft 365.
  • The discount will not be visible on the Practice Settings - General - Account page but will be seen on your practice’s invoice.
  • It is only available for practices on the Pro or Elite plans.

The main use of the OneDrive Admin Account is for the OneDrive administration account in FYI. You could set this up for one of your existing team members (for example, a specific practice manager or an FYI Admin). However, this is not recommended as it can cause complications if that team member leaves your practice.

Features the OneDrive Admin Account can and cannot use

The OneDrive Admin Account can use the following features:

  • Co-edit with staff and clients
  • Collaborate
  • Export
  • Backup
  • Shared Mailbox
  • Practice identity for bulk mail-outs

The OneDrive Admin Account cannot use FYI as a standard user, and cannot create documents. If the OneDrive Admin User is an active team member, these restrictions will not apply.

The discounted licence for the OneDrive Admin Account does not apply if your practice is already receiving a discount.

Setting up the Microsoft 365 account

  • Set up a Microsoft 365 account for the OneDrive Admin Account.
    It is recommended to set the Microsoft Account with a good name to represent your practice, rather than a specific person.
  • When setting up the account, also ensure the account has OneDrive enabled.
  • You can then set up the OneDrive Admin Account that relates to this Microsoft 365 account by adding the user directly in FYI (refer to Adding New Users Directly to FYI in Managing Users).
  • After setting up the OneDrive Admin Account, ensure that you log in to your FYI platform as the new user to activate the account. 

FYI will take care of the discount when billing and it is automatically applied to users on the Pro plan with OneDrive enabled.

Where the Practice Microsoft 365 Account would be Used

OneDrive Admin Account Linked in FYI for Collaboration

The OneDrive Admin Account allows you to set up a single OneDrive location for internal Collaboration and for Client Collaboration (refer to Link your Practice's OneDrive Admin Account).

The important fact for this is that the account is constant and enduring and this ensures the account is always available. 

If a non-enduring account was used, and this became unavailable such as if the team member leaves, this would lead to broken links when documents are Co-edited internally, or when they are shared with or Co-edited with client. Correcting this could incur significant maintenance costs.

An enduring OneDrive Admin Account ensures there are no issues with security.

Backup and Export
The OneDrive Admin Account that is linked to FYI is also used for Bulk Export. By using this account it is always clear where to find any bulk exports. Refer to Bulk Export AWS and Bulk Export OneDrive.

Bulk Emails
You can also use the OneDrive Admin Account to send out bulk email communications. This allows you to send emails from and receive emails to a single location.

Shared Mailbox 
You can use the OneDrive Admin Account for a shared mailbox which allows documents to be filed into FYI from multiple users. This allows multiple people to edit and reply from the same mailbox, but it is no one person’s primary email account. Refer to Practice-wide Shared Email Account.

For other scenarios, refer also to How can we use a Shared Mailbox?

Checking the Discount on your FYI Invoice

The discount is not displayed on the Practice Admin - General - Account page, but will show on your practice’s invoice. There is no need to flag it as our Finance team will be able to identify this instance and apply the discount accordingly. The example below shows how the discount is reflected in an Invoice.


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