November 2020: Goodbye Spring, Hello Summer!




Spring has come to an end and it’s time to reflect on the month that was… for FYI of course!

As whispered in last month’s wrap up, our templates, stationery and signatures had a spring makeover and new versions were released under a beta trial. After using these ourselves, we were excited to share this new approach with practices willing to give them a run. It’s been a great success with positive feedback all round. Thank you to those that took the plunge, and those on our waiting list.

November was another big month for the FYI team as we sprint to the finish line of 2020. Here’s a wrap-up of our biggest features, enhanced and new.


  • The Dashboard was renamed to Home and the green + New button now displays as a green +.
  • The Group/Client/Job search bar now expands across the menu bar when you are working with a minimized screen size. Refer to Group/Client/Job Search and Navigation.
  • The FYI In Tray now has a File & Close Using this button, files the email/document and closes the drawer. The File button will file the email/document and leave the drawer open. Refer to Managing your In Tray.
  • The Filing Status column, when added to a Documents view, can be filtered on Filed, Draft or Removed. This is a great view for FYI admins to use to view draft filed emails across the practice. Note: standard users are only ably to see their own emails.
  • Conditional/Filtered Categories are now available to ease the pain for practices with different category options for each cabinet. You can create just one category and apply a filter to only display options based on the cabinet a user has chosen. Refer to Conditional/Filtered Categories in Managing Categories.



  • The Job drawer now displays Job Partner, Job Manager and Category information from XPM. Insiders tip – the ability to bulk update is coming very soon!
  • An Activity section has been added to the Job Drawer to timestamp changes made to job states. Refer to Using the Job Drawer.
  • Custom Fields tab has been added to the Job workspace to display the custom job fields from XPM. Refer to Job Custom Fields.


Custom Automations

  • New filter type option – “Client – View Filters” – allows the use of custom client views in automations. These views can be built on any columns in the Clients list including custom fields from your XPM. Be reassured that the automation won’t be applied to incorrect clients as you can view the client list before it’s active. A great way to segment your client database for a Christmas message! Refer to Custom Processes using Views and Summary Notifications.
  • You can now add a Delay in your process. The delay can be hours, days or weeks and is a great alternative to a blocking task. This is one of my favourites this month as it gives automations extra depth to use as email campaign software.
  • An Update Client step is now available and can be used to update client custom fields in XPM. Currently this can only be used for custom fields that use dates, but we will continue to build this functionality out in the new year. Refer to Automation Process Steps.


 Digital Signatures

  • A template message can now be selected when sending a document for Signature via one of our digital signing partners to simplify your processes even further. Merge fields can also be added to this template to reduce the need for manual changes before sending to your client.
  • Multiple documents sent for Signature are now stapled to the Web Link. This is an easy way to track what was sent to the client in their signing envelope. Refer to Stapled Documents.



  • The Share Folder Link and Upload Folder Link merge fields now display with the text ‘Click here’ rather than the full hyperlink. This makes your Collaborate invitation more visually appealing and easier for clients to use.
  • We spent a lot of time streamlining how users can be removed from the Share and Upload Folders.

For further details on the features mentioned above, refer to November 2020 Release Notes.

If you would like to join the beta release of templates, stationery and signatures, please register your interest by contacting our support team.

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