FYI Admin view of all Users' In Trays

In a Documents list, the Draft Filed view can be selected to view emails and documents that are waiting to be filed and have a Filing Status of "Draft".

In the Draft Filed view, an FYI Admin automatically sees the emails and documents with a status of Draft for all Owners i.e. all the emails and documents that are in other peoples' In Trays.

The Draft Filed Documents list displays as follows.


All other users can only see their own Draft Filed documents so this view shows the same emails and documents as in their In Tray.

  • An FYI Admin can filter the column Owner for one or more users to display the contents of a specific user's In Tray. This can be used, for example, if a user is getting behind, or if a user does not have access to a cabinet.
  • The view can also be used if a user has left and is now "Inactive". If the user has already been set as "Inactive", you cannot select the user name as a filter in the Owner column (you can, however, sort the Owner column to group the documents together by the user).
  • This view can also be useful if you need to access an email or document that a user cannot access in their In Tray for a variety of reasons. Refer to Error "You do not have access to this document" or "This document is saved to a secure cabinet or secure client" when filing an email or document

Using the Draft Filed view as a Source for the Email AutoFile Exclusions

The Draft Filed view can be a useful source to check any email addresses or domains of emails that are being imported by the Email AutoFile and that are never required.

By including the From, To and CC columns, the email addresses display and an FYI Admin can use this as a source to check for email addresses or domains to add to the list of Exclusions in your Email AutoFile Settings.

The view can be exported, with the export file used to create a .csv file that can be imported into the Exclusions. Refer to Email AutoFile Settings, Exclusions and Practice Filing Defaults.


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