Product Update (December 2020)


This special-edition webinar closes out 2020 with an in-depth walkthrough of some of our newest features, and a sneak peek into our roadmap for next year.

The 60-minute webinar covers:

  • Our new Templates and Stationery and how to start using them
  • How to configure Collaborate for your practice - including our best-practice approach to sharing folders with clients to send and receive documents (by-passing the need for portals)
  • How we are making Time Sheets even easier
  • Using the new Jobs Board to identify bottlenecks in your workflow


Presentation Handouts

The webinar hand-outs provide quick access to key information covered in the webinar, including handy tips and links to relevant help articles.



Click here to download the slides (PDF).


Product Update Q & A

Q: Is there a way for FYI Champions to be able to have access to this updated templated view not just administrators?
A: This view will be available to all users once your practice is using the new templates. The additional functions such as creating templates will be available to users in a User Group that has Permissions enabled for Templates.


Q: Are the new Templates and Stationery available on the Intermediate package?
A: Email templates and signatures are available for users on all our plans. Intermediate users will have document templates and stationery available to them as well.


Q: Is the collaborate currently available as demonstrated? 
A: Yes, what we are demonstrating today is already available to users on the pro plan.


Q: Does the client need Microsoft 365 to access the shared links?
A: No. All email services will be able to access these links, including Gmail.


Q: With Collaborate should we not setup folders by group but rather client?
A: Setting up with client group as the top-level for your Share Folder can become complex to maintain if group members change and can cause an average client experience.


Q: Does the document have to be shared for the client to be able to access through the collaborate shared folder?
A: Yes, the document does need to be shared for it to be available to the client in their Share Folder. Our team is currently working on the ability to simply add a document to the Share Folder without having to share by email.


Q: Can you give people access to only certain documents ?
A: No. External users with access to the Share Folder will be able to see all documents that have been shared. If you were sending a private document that others should not see, you would need to send via email.


Q: Once a client has uploaded something to their Upload Folder, can they see what they've previously uploaded or will it vanish once it's been uploaded to FYI?
A: Once added to the client's Upload folder, the documents will be pulled out of this folder and auto-filed into FYI. FYI will check clients Upload folders every 10 minutes and import any available documents. Once that's completed, the Upload folder will be empty. Clients can use this to confirm documents are now with your practice.


Q: Are the uploaded documents auto-filed individually or as a bulk document?
A: The documents are auto-filed individually.


Q: Any alert back to us that a client has uploaded a file?
A: An alert can be set up using a combination of a document view and an automation. To view documents that have been uploaded simply add column 'Source' and filter on field 'Client Upload' in Document Views. Using this view, a summary notification automation can be scheduled to notify relevant team members of new document arrivals.

Q: Can you add a comment in an automation with a field such as [Partner] or [Manager] for notification? 
A: Yes you can. Comments are not a step on their own, rather they are available on steps like 'create email' or 'create document'.


Q: Any advice to get clients onboard with OneDrive. We used it, no one liked it so we stopped.
A: We find clients often enjoy not having to worry about another login and password - this may be a good way of getting them on board. We also have template emails available in our Help Centre to assist practices in introducing this concept to clients including instructions to access their documents and folders. 


Q: Is there a way to send end of year checklist on mass for all clients?
A: Yes, via Automations. You can create an automation that will generate the checklist then generate an email with the checklist attached. The attachment in that case would need to be sent out via the 'OneDrive' as Send Attachments option, with 'Co-edit with client' enabled.


Q: How was that tax return checklist spreadsheet set up for the client to upload a document relating to the item on the checklist?
A: It is a combination of a hidden data tab that includes the pick list and FYI Upload Folder merge field, and conditional formatting on the client facing tab to only reveal the upload folder link when yes is selected.


Q: In Collaborate can signatures be requested as well as information?
A: This would be possible if the client is signing by hand (that is, print, sign, add to their Upload folder), or via adding their electronic signature (that is, add signature to PDF or document then adding to their Upload Folder). However, Collaborate does not integrate with your digital signing platform of choice.

Q: Is the timesheet feature available to all levels or only premium?
A: Timesheets are available in the Pro plan only.


Q: Can you enter a start and end time instead of how many minutes you worked on a job?
Currently you are only able to enter the number of hours/minutes.


Q: Is it possible to put time to a client without having a job created?
A: No. A job is required to add a time.


Q: For practices integrated with Xero Practice Manager, can you enter timesheets in Xero Practice Manager and FYI, or do you need to choose one method or the other?
A: You can enter time in both systems. Both FYI and Xero Practice Manager time will appear in Xero Practice Manager which is important from a WIP perspective. However, your 'My Time' tab in FYI will only show the time you have recorded in FYI.


Q: For practices integrated with Xero Practice Manager, does the job status once changed in FYI flow back through to Xero Practice Manager?
A: Sure does! If you move a job through job states from FYI, that will push into Xero Practice Manager during the next sync.

Q: Can you filter by compliance type in the Jobs Board view?
You can apply a filter in the list view first, then flick across to the board view and those filters will 'stick' with you.

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